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5 days ago 14 0

Is Abortion A Sin ?

From time immemorial, evil always has existed in society. Th...

10 min read Othellocajet
Ifeanyi Cajetan E...
1 week ago 83 0

Surviving And Thriving:...

Working from home is a great opportunity to work in the comf...

5 min read Eniwizzy
Fawole Eniola Nao...
1 week ago 10 0



4 min read anabel19971997@gmail.com
Chi Dera
2 weeks ago 57 0


Democracy developing before our very eyes, still imperfect,...

6 min read Oscar
Oscar Okparaji
2 weeks ago 14 0


Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases whereby a person (...

4 min read Emmanuel Star
Ocheni Emmanuel S...
2 weeks ago 17 0

Asthma: Symptoms, Cause...

This article focuses on enlightening on what asthma really i...

16 min read Moses
Moses Odey
2 weeks ago 18 0

Betrayal At Midnight: B...

Big Joey had gone soft; everybody knew it. It was the talk o...

7 min read Ricky
John Doe
3 weeks ago 29 0

The Last Bullet

To Hauwa, my child, the hero...The terrifying and sudden sou...

4 min read sozo
Boluwatife Salvat...
3 weeks ago 18 1

The Blind Date Gone Wro...

Aisha's teenage daughter, Linda, and the nosy neighbor, Sher...

18 min read Toyin
Oluwatoyin Odunuy...
3 weeks ago 28 0

The Last Supper

"We had it all, baby. We did. But somehow, along the way, yo...

4 min read Kayyy
Kome Okumo
3 weeks ago 84 2


You still smell of him; go wash up..."You still smell of him...

14 min read Ac Bliss
Ac Bliss
3 weeks ago 35 0

Saranghe, Ezinne.

What happens when a former lover suddenly comes back to make...

4 min read veronica-ajunwa
Veronica Ajunwa
3 weeks ago 18 0


As our car sped down the road, we all prayed for nothing but...

5 min read G.philosopher
Mgbedo Mmesoma
3 weeks ago 13 0

Blind Revenge Part Two

The police are currently working nonstop to find the killer...

4 min read UIG
Umar Ismail
1 month ago 46 0

The Need To Maintain A...

An impoverished and toxic environment has a harmful and haza...

4 min read MAYYAH
Yahaya Toliat Ope...
1 month ago 37 0

One Careless Mistake

One beautiful Tuesday evening, Rose stood in the mirror, los...

5 min read Faith Abuh
Faith Abuh
1 month ago 43 0

Parents, Stop Giving Yo...

This piece offers some nutritional information aimed at corr...

4 min read D-advocate
Charles Okeoghene...
1 month ago 38 0

A Brief History Of The...

We humans have been enthralled by the idea of keeping dates...

5 min read adejo4064
Emmanuel Adejo
1 month ago 42 0

Aaliyah 4

What do you call him? Mr. Garba and Binta always got into a...

4 min read TGWAC
Teenage Guide Wit...
1 month ago 35 0

A Wade Through Sands An...

Teenage brother fights 9-year-old kid...​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​...

11 min read Poeian
P. E. Blue
1 month ago 30 0

Mass Migration Of Niger...

Though "japa" might not be the best option but a lot of youn...

6 min read Dunbe
Dunbe Birsan
2 months ago 40 0

I Left Him To Die!

I LEFT HIM TO DIE!!: The aftermath of dormant potential that...

5 min read Tomkin
Akinkugbe Tomiwa
2 months ago 63 2

*why My Country*

I am one of the best Teachers in the world, but Nigeria has...

5 min read Gad
2 months ago 67 1

Deadly Option (episode...

This story is about a young girl that wanted to travel out o...

5 min read Blessing fuller
Olutayo Blessing
2 months ago 58 0

2 Reasons Why You Keep...


5 min read BlessedInk
2 months ago 40 0

Our New Year Resolution...

At every turn of the new year, particularly in our dear coun...

5 min read Aaron
Chukwudimma Aaron...
2 months ago 59 0

A Teacher And His Soldi...

On my way to Abuja in January 2018, the commercial bus I was...

8 min read Mumeen
Abdulrazaq Abdulm...
2 months ago 76 0

Could This Be...

Life is all about outcomes we usually don't even intend them...

12 min read samuel-rapson-davou
Samuel Rapson Dav...
2 months ago 49 0

How I Embarrassed Obim...

A story I don't like telling. Had anyone told me that this e...

6 min read Blessed
Elekwa Rita Ngozi
3 months ago 49 0

Value What You Have Epi...

I suddenly wiped off my eyes and pretended like all was norm...

5 min read TheVibesWriter
Udochukwu Winner
3 months ago 48 0

Phobia 3

Please make sure to read part 1 and 2 of the phobia series o...

10 min read Flavoured
3 months ago 178 1

5 Must-listen Podcasts...

Listen to these podcasts and watch your writing improve in l...

7 min read thegiftedwriter
Divine Laoye
3 months ago 90 0

Hustle For Clout

Controversy is Money...There is so much money on the interne...

5 min read Chukchambers
Ikechukwu Ifezue
3 months ago 55 0

Solange (chapter 3)

There was no way I could get out of this. He was pointing a...

14 min read Claremary
Ibiam Prince Amau...
3 months ago 121 0

What A Human Tradition....

This article laments on some human traditions that ought not...

4 min read Joewaks
Yusuf Amos Wakawa
4 months ago 84 0

School Love (chapter 2)

Today being Saturday, I went to school... My initial reason...

6 min read damian-king
Damian King
4 months ago 79 0

School Troubles

The hardship some students face in the university coupled wi...

5 min read Bea_Trice Fred
Beatrice Fredrick
4 months ago 92 0

Lost Stars (edited)

I had written this story here weeks ago and realized It had...

14 min read Ojay
Ogbole Okamoji
4 months ago 80 0

Common Food Myths Durin...

Hey y'all. So this post is just on some misconceptions some...

14 min read dEBIe🖤✨
Pere Deborah Ebik...
4 months ago 88 0

Language Education: A T...

ABSTRACT This paper explained the basic words as well as...

20 min read Joychima
Joy Chima

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