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3 days ago 40 0

Mr. Perfect

He was a perfect man. No man would ever match up...At age 12...

7 min read Naomipen
Naomi Jerome
3 days ago 15 0

The Story Of My Relatio...

One thing about my relationship with Bella was that we didn'...

4 min read Gumewrites
Joseph Samuel
5 days ago 10 0

Letter To Myself

Dear Today Me...It beats my imagination how time fleets, how...

5 min read Fearless1
Edeh Chinecherem
5 days ago 68 3

Manual Of The Human Fun...

Some women today know little to nothing about their period,...

8 min read Bea_Trice Fred
Beatrice Fredrick
5 days ago 13 2

Options Before The Nige...

As present day realities of uncertainties have dawn on us, w...

4 min read Writerspen
Bruno Onyes
5 days ago 11 0

2023: The Politics Of B...

Prior to 2015 general elections, Nigerians were inundated wi...

6 min read Aaron
Chukwudimma Aaron...
1 week ago 17 0

What I Didn't Know (cha...

This is the fifth chapter to "WHAT I DIDN'T KNOW". For previ...

11 min read Toyin
Oluwatoyin Odunuy...
1 week ago 8 0

Death Speaks To Me

"Have you ever spoken to death? I have."...LORITA...There is...

7 min read Ravenclaws
Edwin Miracle
1 week ago 8 0

Political Apathy In Nig...


7 min read AVKunga
Agbotu Vinatius K...
1 week ago 16 0

Power Of A Mother's Ton...

Do not just say any how thing to your kids...it might backfi...

9 min read Uchendu
1 week ago 24 1

Ghost Romance

Do you believe ghosts exist? That they are living with us cu...

5 min read peter-echo-ojah
Peter Echo Ojah
1 week ago 27 0

Family Clinic, 3

Vagina dryness, in women, makes them avoid sex...Here will d...

7 min read OBIJI
1 week ago 21 0

Unusual Encounter!

The story is about an encounter I had with a young lady who...

6 min read Mumeen
Abdulrazaq Abdulm...
1 week ago 24 0

Spinoza's Adequate Idea

This paper tends to address this important, disturbing and p...

10 min read Sm@rt
Ezeh Christian Ch...
1 week ago 22 1

"confess Your Faults On...

Ogechi did not run out in excitement to greet her father whe...

8 min read Elechi O
Elechi Onodioma
1 week ago 20 0

“till Death Do Us Part”

“Soldiers aren’t made for love!” “Well, wives aren’t made fo...

8 min read Ojay
Ogbole Okamoji
2 weeks ago 17 0

Tales About Me

Tales about me is a memoir about my transition from childhoo...

6 min read Ogadi-gadi
Ogadinma Wokoma
2 weeks ago 26 0

The Future Of Education...

The article charts the state of education in Nigeria and the...

11 min read Joychima
Joy Chima
2 weeks ago 22 0

Challenges You Will Exp...

So now you're married to the lady and guy of your dreams...C...

8 min read Claremary
Ibiam Prince Amau...
2 weeks ago 25 0

If Only There Was Time.

Inspired by my younger brother...Normally people say writing...

5 min read SoGifted
Osarogiagbon Gift
2 weeks ago 25 0

Harbinger (chapter One)

Hi guys, please pardon my errors but this thing has been pla...

5 min read Bayo
Abdulazeez Mujeeb...
2 weeks ago 24 0

How Do We Guard Against...

The media is awash with sordid tales of rape, abuse, and har...

11 min read Chypen
Chidimma Nnebedum
2 weeks ago 16 1


Late to class as usual...My bag bounced behind my back as I...

11 min read Poeian
P. E. Blue
2 weeks ago 25 1

Negative Repayment

Negative repayment is the act of betraying trust. It is also...

6 min read Estima
Esther Udeme
2 weeks ago 22 0

Babylon's Idols On Zion...

Min. Gideon Abalaka drops this new e-book titled “Babylon’s...

17 min read Stainless
Gideon Abalaka
2 weeks ago 43 0

Exports Chapter Three

It gets tastier...“He was supposed to be back three hours ag...

12 min read Oscar
Oscar Okparaji
2 weeks ago 20 0


MEMORIES THAT MAKE YOU SMILE: A short recollection of an inc...

4 min read JuniorWrites
Blessing Ominyi
2 weeks ago 31 0

The Bastard (chapter Fi...

P.S: The' father's ' love letter is an excerpt from the boo...

16 min read Amos Bani
Amos Shidobani
2 weeks ago 24 0

Temple Prostitute (part...

Daughters of Whore “Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause...

7 min read Youcy Jesus
Uchechukwu Ozua
2 weeks ago 30 2

The Headline Of Lifelin...

A poem... This poetry tells a story of the flaming passion a...

5 min read LightPENN
Oluwafemi Makanju...
3 weeks ago 24 0


Leonard Winter...I met Daryl Gilbert while we were undergrad...

12 min read Danny1
Nzeh Daniel Onono...
3 weeks ago 47 0


I was Raped at 6 years and Died by 6 am...I sat there, my ey...

14 min read Ecrit
Fabeku Abigail
3 weeks ago 25 0

True Love

This article is about the lifestyle of people, it is literal...

6 min read Emmanuel Star
Ocheni Emmanuel S...
3 weeks ago 25 0

Making It A September T...

How Elite Achievers Think and Do Things Differently Even Whe...

5 min read Meticulous
Franklin Adebayo
3 weeks ago 33 0

G For Greener Pasture

The first time I abandoned my sewing machine was because I w...

5 min read iamEmmanuel
Stephen Onovai
3 weeks ago 22 0

Don't Read This

An interesting short story...She found herself under a shade...

18 min read EP_Special
Ebenezer Princess
3 weeks ago 33 3

Aroused Secret.

After rejecting the numerous men my parents brought for me t...

7 min read Naomi
3 weeks ago 75 0

Fading Crush

Crushes are very normal for anyone. But if it's taken so far...

10 min read Barbiesally
Nneoma Sally
3 weeks ago 30 0

The Pattern Of Tiny Fee...

Alima was now a thin woman, she was no more......"If you can...

6 min read SN adefunke
Shittu Nimotallah...
4 weeks ago 30 0

Five Dangerous People A...


7 min read borderless
Amoo Oluwatisin M...

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