NairaPen is an online platform for Nigerian Writers to write about different topics in their area of specialization and showcase their writing skill at the same time. NairaPen has an attractive reward system to encourage Nigerian writers - CLICK HERE to see all available rewards. Posting on NairaPen is free and at no cost to the authors whatsoever. NairaPen articles are widely shared! NairaPen is also where readers can find diverse writeups, including short stories, essays, personal development, interviews, academic writing, technical articles, etc. It is an emerging and well-respected online journal in Nigeria and beyond. The platform is super fast and easy to navigate. More so, it is secure and safe to use.

As the NairaPen community is growing fast, it will gradually become a little intense to keep a tab on the quality of all articles. Hence, we have developed an intelligent algorithm that crawls through and analyzes all users, articles, comments, replies, likes, views, followings, etc. We also compare each user to all other users on NairaPen to determine the impact factor. While this is not 100% effective in revealing the quality of an article, the metrics that we generate from the algorithm give us some insights that we use in various decision-making processes such as article distribution on the site, give away selection, nomination for awards of excellence among others. Your Impact Factor is visible through your profile. In addition, you can view a detailed insight used in determining the clicking on the statistic button on your profile page. You may see your impact factor fluctuating from time to time.

While we encourage writers to strive for a higher impact factor on NairaPen, the ultimate goal of writing an article is for people to read it. In view of this, we strongly recommend that writers put in their best to ensure the article maintains a high standard in both grammar and syntax. However, to boost your impact factor, after your article is published, make it a habit to share the link to the article on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And ask friends and family to read, give their thoughts in the comment section, like and share the article. NairaPen also runs Ads continuously to increase the publication's reach. Knowledge is key to the development of any nation; be the creative source of diverse topics of human endeavors and make a bold impact - let's make Nigeria great by making your quality articles available to curious minds all over Nigeria. We are proud of what you are about to write. More ink to your pen!

While the platform is designed solely for Nigerians, anyone can create a post on NairaPen. However, all posts are subject to review before publishing on the website. Typically, anyone who can write in simple English grammar can create a post. As much as we prefer university-level writers on NairaPan, there is no educational requirement; we welcome secondary school students alike. One of our goals is to give everyone who loves to write a platform to have their articles published, as writing is more of intuition rather than a degree. When a writer becomes verified, they will have access to more privileges; For example, they will be able to include an image and or a video in their post. In addition, the review of articles posted by verified users is often expedited. On rare occasions, we may delete a post without notice for a compliance violation. See the response to the next question on how to upload a post on NairaPen properly.

To create a post on NairaPen, log in or register if you are a new user. Upload your profile image as soon as you register - we strongly recommend a square-shaped photo that shows your headshot only; not a picture of you sitting down. If you log in with Google, your profile image will automatically be pulled if you have set a profile image on that platform. Once done, click on the 'Post an article' button in the menu bar. You will be redirected to our dynamic post uploading wizard. Fill all fields as appropriate:

  1. Title: Write a title for your post/article.
  2. Description: Write a short description for your post. It will be shown under your title in the post.
  3. Post Type: You can select which kind of post you like to create. The input box will change to your choice, which are explained below - only the first option is available to new and unverified users.
    • Text post: This is the only option available to a new and unverified users. It will create a text-only post. You can select the background color of your post. If you are verified and you do not want to use an image or video for your post, you can use this type - it is selected by default.
    • Image post: You can upload a photo, and it will be a thumbnail and poster of your post. You can upload jpg, png & gif formats. Recommended image width is a minimum of 860 px.
    • Video post: You can use a YouTube video for your thumbnail and poster of your post. You need to enter the URL of the YouTube video, and it will automatically create the thumbnail. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXaMplE
  1. Category: Select a category for your post. We use this to sort all posts/articles on the website.
  2. Main Content: This is where you will type or paste the main content of your post/article. To expedite the approval of your article, we recommend that you use a grammar-checking software like Grammarly to check syntax, spelling, and punctuation errors before posting it. An article with too many mistakes will not be published. If possible, also scan your article for plagiarism. Do not leave a space under each paragraph - the text editor will automatically create a space after the 'full-stop' mark of every paragraph. So do not leave any space under each paragraph. If you have any subheadings in your main content, you can format them with the bold attribute on the tab of the text editor. Alternatively, you could use the Add More options below to add additional headers and text editors for each block of paragraphs in your article.
  3. Add More: With this dynamic form, you can add more to your post. See the details are below:
    • Image: You can upload images for your content. Recommended image width is a minimum of 860 px - this is only available to verified users.
    • Youtube Video: You can insert a YouTube video for your post; you need to add the URL of the video as explained above - this is only available to verified users
    • Tweet: If you want to embed a Tweet inside your post, you can use this option. Just enter the URL of the Tweet and press the Embed button. Example: https://twitter.com/Interior/status/463440424141459456
    • Facebook Post: If you want to embed a Facebook Post inside your post, you can use this option. Just enter the URL of the Facebook Post and press the Embed button. Example: https://www.facebook.com/20531316728/posts/10154009990506729/
    • Instagram Post: You can use this option if you want to embed an Instagram Post inside your post. Just enter the URL of the Instagram Post and press the Embed button. Example: https://www.instagram.com/p/CdhPAfboCvo/
    • Pinterest Post: If you want to embed a Pinterest Post inside your post, you can use this option. Just enter the URL of the Pinterest Post and press the Embed button. Example: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/99360735500167749/
  1. When you are ready to publish your post, you can click the Submit Post button, and it will create the post. Your post will be routed to our quality assurance team for review before it is published online. Moreover, if you edit your post after it was published online, the post will need to be reviewed again before it goes back online.

Typically, after your article is submitted, it is routed to our Editors for compliance review and approval. It may take up to 3 business days to review an article - sometimes, approval or a decision to request the author's revision is reached in under 24 hours. Posting an article that does not comply with our terms may lead to rejection. The NairaPen editors can make a few grammar and syntax corrections. If there is a substantial error in constructing the sentences of an article, we will often ask the author to revise and resubmit it. One of our goals at Nairapen is to uphold a high standard of writing and instill the same in Nigerians' writing style. It is now commonplace to see some writeups with improper punctuations or unprofessional abbreviations - One of NairaPen's missions is to promote a good habit of writing among Nigerian youths.

To become verified, you must have at least three high-quality articles published on NairaPen - high quality means the content must be thoughtfully written, grammatically correct, and easy to follow by an average reader. More importantly, you must adequately follow all the tips highlighted above about properly uploading a post, and you need to have a good profile image - we strongly recommend a square-shaped photo that shows your headshot only; not a picture of you sitting down. In some cases, we issue the verified badge if we can verify the profile offline or using a variety of factors. To remain verified, ensure to maintain a high standard in all the articles you post to NairaPen. However, if we detect plagiarism in any of your published articles, we will immediately remove your verified badge and may also delete your account with or without notice, as mentioned in our terms.

One of our missions at NairaPen is to reward writers who have demonstrated excellence in writing and have impacted readers with their articles. Please CLICK HERE to read about all available rewards