The core mission of Nairapen is to encourage writing among Nigerian youths. Along this line, NairaPen has set up different rewards, including a Facebook feature and giveaway to Best Writers. The following explains the monetary rewards.
  2. GIVEAWAY Updated
    Every month, NairaPen will nominate best writers for a monetary giveaway.
    • Published a minimum of 2 articles on NairaPen
    • The articles must have a high impact and be original
    • You must be a verified Writer on NairaPen — see how to become verified on the FAQs page
    • The article needs to be well written and have a high impact, with no grammar and syntax errors
    • The article should have a moderate engagement, including likes, comments, and views. We recommend you share your articles on social media and ask people to read, like, and comment on your article. We often review 'likes', 'comments', and 'views'. If we find that some engagements have been obtained fraudulently, we will go ahead to pudge those on the affected post. We aim to encourage Writers and effect a true impact on the reader community. We will continue to shortlist giveaway winners every week until the 25th of the month when they will get paid. If we shortlist your article for the giveaway, it will appear on the page as 'reviewing'. An article can only make the giveaway once. However, an article that makes the giveaway may still be nominated for an award of excellence
    Rewarding True Impact!

    NairaPen impact factor algorithm crawls through and analyzes all users, articles, comments, replies, likes, views, followings, etc. It also compares each user to all other users on NairaPen to determine the impact factor. We use the impact factor and other metrics to determine article distribution on the site, give away selection, nomination for excellence awards, and recommendations to potential donors to support writers. Your Impact Factor is visible through your profile. In addition, you can view a detailed insight used in determining this by clicking on the statistic button on your profile page. You may see your impact factor fluctuating from time to time as user activities fluctuate. To boost your impact factor, after your article is published, make it a habit to share the link to the article on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And ask friends and family to read, give their thoughts in the comment section, like and share the article.

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