10 Amazing Features You Should Try Out With Your Smartphone

Ten (10) Amazing Features You Didn't Know in Your Smartphone...

Smartphones aren't considered smart for no reason; they're really handy devices. Smartphones are increasing around the world due to the fantastic things that can be done with them.

Here's a list of 10 things you didn't know you could do with your smartphone

1. Turn on the lights.

When you replace your old light switch with a smart light switch like the WeMo Light Switch. If you connect it to your smartphone, you can turn your lights on or off at the push of a button if you forget after leaving the house, conserving electricity. You can also program your lights to turn on and off at specified times throughout the day, as well as create schedules and other actions to turn them on and off. You may also gradually dim, brighten, or change the color of your lights with the Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Kit.

2. Lock, unlock and start your car remotely.

You can remotely lock, unlock, alarm, and start your automobile using your smartphone instead of your car keys. It's as simple as downloading an app to make your automobile safer. With Viper Smarts Start enabled, you can remotely lock, unlock, and start your automobile with the touch of a button. The Viper Smart key allows you to replace your car keys with your phone, and depending on the system you pick; you can also use the app to diagnose automotive problems.

3. Keep an eye on your heart rate.

You only need to place your fingertip over your phone's camera lens for 10 seconds to get a detailed report right on your screen, and you can also measure your pulse and fat burning ability, as well as how quickly your heart rate recovers after exercise if you have the Instant Heart Rate app installed. Exceptionally accurate and dependable. With the rise in heat-related illnesses, it's more important than ever to monitor your heart's health, and the best part is that you can do so using your smartphone instead of going to the hospital.

4. Calculate your height, speed, and distance.

The days of measuring distances, heights, widths, and the speed of moving people are long gone. All of these may be measured with your smartphone using apps like Smart Measure Pro (Android) and Dot Measure (Apple). They can utilize the camera lens on your smartphone to measure the target using trigonometry. You may also use applications like Speed Gun (Android) and SpeedClock (iOS) to measure the speed of people or to move objects, which is useful for athletic events like baseball, football, and track & field.

5. System for Emergency Broadcasting

Without watching TV, you can get Amber Notifications, extreme weather alerts, and public safety alerts from your area on your iPhone. When you first obtain your device, these are switched on by default. To disable these, click on Settings > Notifications and scroll down to the bottom of the screen to find toggle switches for various government alerts. Open Settings > Notifications > Wireless Emergency Alerts on your Android device. You can choose which types of alerts you want to receive, ranging from extreme threats to public safety concerns.

6. Search for images and photographs to identify objects.

Have you ever been completely perplexed by something and wondered what it is or what it does? Google Lens is available for Android and iOS (iOS users can access the feature through the Google Photos app). Simply take a photo of a product, a painting, a barcode, a famous landmark, or a well-known image. Google will offer you relevant information if your photo matches something in its database. You may also use it to translate text into a foreign language by taking a picture of it.

7. Show what's going on at home.

With Nest CamTM, you can keep an eye on your house from afar in super-clear 1080p HD. If motion or sound is detected while you're away, you'll receive notifications on your smartphone. The Wi-Fi video camera also has a microphone, so you can talk to anyone in the room via the app. You can capture and save audio or video for a price if you need to keep records. It's an excellent tool for home security, pet monitoring, and ensuring that your children arrive home on time from school or practice.

8. Check the batteries in your remote and use your smartphone as a remote control.

Your smartphone's camera is sensitive to infrared radiation, and you may test it for yourself by using a standard IR remote control. In the viewfinder of your camera app, the infrared beam emitted when a button is pressed appears as a white or purple light. When a remote control stops working, you may use this trick to see if the batteries are dead, and if you can't find the remote, you can use your phone as a substitute remote to control devices like your TV, air conditioner, DVD player, and projector. A custom remote capability is available on some Android phones, and it's normally found in the Tools or System folder on your home screen. Don't worry if you don't have that capability. From the Google Play Store, you can get a reputable third-party remote control app.The Apple TV remote is integrated into the control center of the current iOS releases for our iPhone dudes and dudettes. It is possible to manually add it in older versions.

9. Detect metals

A number of metal detector apps are available in the App Store and Google Play, some of which play sounds or vibrate when your phone gets close to needles, pins, or other metal objects you may have lost inadvertently, such as costly rings or earrings. The magnetometer incorporated into most current smartphones is used in the apps. While many are free, they usually contain advertisements.

10. Adjust Siri's Pronunciation

With an iPhone, there's an easy way to get Siri to stop mispronouncing words or names you use regularly. Activate Siri and instruct her to enunciate a word or name that she frequently misspells. Say, "You're pronouncing [that word] improperly," after she's repeated the word, and you'll be requested to say the name correctly. You'll then be presented with a menu of options for adjusting Siri's pronunciation.

You may accomplish far more than you ever imagined by simply downloading an app or enabling a feature on your smartphone. With your smartphone, the world uh at your fingertips - explore the possibilities!

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