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14 Reasons You Should Write Your Book

In this article, I will show you one of the reasons I believe you should consider writing your own book



The first reason why I believe you should write a book is your message. If you have a message you want to share with the world, then I think you should consider writing a book. If there’s a message to share, then a book is the best vehicle to carry that message. The most amazing thing about writing a book is that it preserves your message long after you are gone and makes it available and accessible to generations.

A book also has the potential to speak on your behalf to people in distant lands where you may never be physical. A book conveys your thoughts and ideas far beyond your geographical location and generation. But no matter how wonderful your message is, it becomes of no consequence if it cannot be transmitted to those who need it.

A message only fulfills its purpose when it gets to the people it was intended to get to. Almost everybody has a message to share. Almost everyone has something to share with the world.

The challenge most times is that only a few people know how to organize their thoughts into a book. Some do not feel their thoughts are important. And just because they didn’t do anything special to get their idea (it came to them by inspiration), they feel it is not valuable. But the truth is that no sense is actually common.

Those ideas in your head may actually be the lifesaver someone somewhere has been waiting to have. Your message may be the salvation a whole group of people desperately need. You may never know how valuable your message is until it gets to the right recipient(s). Please listen; your message is important. No matter where or what level you exist in life, you have a special message for some specific persons or group. Don’t deny the world your special message.

Please consider writing a book if you have a message to share.

Write it down for generations after you read. Write it down so that people in distant lands can benefit from the investment of your personality and wisdom. There is someone somewhere waiting to hear your message. You have a voice that others need to hear or read. Writers and authors are ordinary people like you. They are not better than you. The difference is that they have made up their minds to get their message out. They are celebrated because of their commitment to sharing their message with the world.

The truth is that some of you will actually be shaken to your bones when you meet some authors and writers and find out that you even have more things to share than they have. For instance, one of the reasons I write so much is because I write better than I speak. I am more comfortable expressing my thoughts in writing than I am in speaking.

When it comes to public speaking, some of you may actually beat me to it.

Nevertheless, my message must go out. It is true you may not presently have the expertise required of writers. But the good news is that these things can be learned and perfected through hard work, dedication, and consistency. The world needs your message. Please consider writing a book. Don’t let your message die with you. Publish it. Don’t limit your message to only a few audiences. Please put it up for the whole world to read.

Publish your message in electronic, print, or audio formats. But by whatever means, ensure you publish your message. Your message is valuable, and the world needs to hear it. No one can deliver it like you. There is something about your communication that makes your message unique.

Please leverage your uniqueness and publish your message. Your thoughts and ideas are not common. They are golden. Boldly disseminate them. If you have a message, then please, consider writing a book.

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