2 Reasons Why You Badly Need Self Awareness

Hey! Don't feel intimated or threatened again. Find out why and how to curb it. You deserve better.

2 REASONS WHY YOU BADLY NEED SELF-AWARENESS THIS YEAR. _ How it affects your entire life!!

Jowy angrily banged the door behind him shortly after saying this; "You know what, I've had enough of this, your bossy attitude. I'm done with this friendship." Cutz and Jowy have been friends for years now and stem from the same background too. But as expected, personality always differs. Cutz is this flamboyant kinda guy who is full of himself and trusts his guts. While on the other side, Jowy is clueless and lacks even an understanding of himself. The worst is that he doesn't seem to care, as he always feels threatened.

This brought this uncontrollable dispute they faced that afternoon. Guess they wanted to see it to the end. Cutz couldn't just stand there and watch his best friend interpret his honest life as being bossy. So, he ran after him in a fury. "Hey! Wait up. You don't have to be that way. Besides, why do you think I am bossy?" Cutz stared into his eyes while holding Jowy in his left hand. "Because you always want me to do what I hate the most. You keep disturbing me with this "Potential" stuff always. "Hey, Jowy, let's dance at the mall." Seriously? Isn't it obvious that I am not as brave as you are? Why do you have to rub it on my face? Cutz, with a confused face, tried to interrupt him, but Jowy didn't give him a chance.

"You always love to be praised. Stealing the spotlight is your thing while I remain on the back bench. I'm not complaining, but stop dragging me in. It sucks!" This complaint went on for a while. Cutz felt bad and disappointed at the fact that his own friend would perceive him as such. They both stood there, panting profusely as exchanging blows was just the best option to quit the drama and have a normal conversation (Boys' life.😅) The big question is why was Jowy threatened by Cutz's personality and the life he chose to live? Lack of Self- awareness. Cutz discovered himself, and despite the fact they grew up together, he decided to leverage his strength. As a way of helping his friend Jowy, who is yet to be self-aware, he is now perceived as Bossy. Now, let's come back home. The reason why you feel threatened by others is that you lack Self- awareness. Have you taken a deeper look into your life and tried to identify your strength and weaknesses?

Here are two major reasons why you need Self-awareness.


If you want to go far this year, you need to know who you are and what you stand for. Your value systems make up your personality. Identifying these gives you peace of mind and makes you able to harness your innate abilities. Your self-confidence is boosted to a higher level when you get this right. You will learn to do things in your own unique way and at your pace. You'll also get to identify your emotional triggers and things that have the potential to spoil your day. When you know what and why you are angry, anxious, and frustrated, it makes it easier for you to curb it next time.

Moreover, when you don't feel threatened, it gives no room for unhealthy competition. Unhealthy competition steals away your peace of mind. This is typically when you strive to be like that person and produce the same result. If the same energy is applied to working on your strength and overcoming your weaknesses, you will produce better results.


Our self-confidence is like a liquid. It solidifies when it perceives that we are intentionally focusing on ourselves and our growth. Taking time to note down your Strength, Weakness, Odds, and Threat (SWOT) can be a game-changer for you. Learn to feed your focus and starve your distraction. "What really matters to you now?" Channel your focus and attention to it. This year, if you are able to see yourself more clearly, you'll become more creative than ever before! Why? Because you're now confident, and you trust your instincts. People can't easily influence your thoughts about yourself because you now know what you want out of life.

The question is, are you still wallowing in confusion about your true Self? 2023 is not a year to dull around. It's not a year to be emotionally threatened by people's achievements or moves. It's not a time for you to know your weaknesses like your name, yet your strength remains unutilized.

✓Get up

✓Discover who you are

✓Discover what you stand for 

✓Discover what works for you

And make it work!

I'm rooting for you.❤️


I am,

©Testimony Azubuike


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