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2 Reasons Why You Keep Having The Same Old Result

2 REASONS WHY YOU KEEP HAVING THE SAME OLD RESULT: "I don't see any progress and difference at work. " Here's why!

The saying that goes, "your attitude determines your attitude," isn't a naysay. The initiator of that quote wasn't mincing words. James has been working for MCShell Oil company as the Marketing and Sales Manager for years. Not even a compliment or recognition has been given to him, owing to the fact that he was the head of the department and had been in the system for years. The promotion was just a total "no."

But why? You'll get to find out. Twinkle! Twinkle! .... Clever and smart Joe from Boston got employed and was assigned to the same department where James headed. Joe's first week at work was hellish for him. Because James made him work 2x his normal duty, he saw him as a competitor, and so, as the head, he leveraged it to make his stay frustrating. Well, well, "A king cannot be lost in the crowd because of their attire."

At every board meeting held at the company, Joe tended to contribute meaningfully and shared thoughtful ideas about sales and marketing. His presence brought to light an advancement in the company. Isn't that the qualities of a leader? Despite the hate and bad energy he got on a daily basis from his team, his simplicity and hard work never depreciated once. In the space of 3 months, he was promoted and assigned as the new head of the team. In life, what really matters is what you bring to the table. This question, "what can you offer? It is not child's play. You can be relevant to other aspects of life, but if you're not to the marketplace, you'll lose your regard. 

Here are two reasons why you get the same old result.


A lot of people like the Nigeria Schools Curriculum. The same scheme of work, our father used is what we are still using to date. Don't be surprised; our children will use it too. No development! No advancement! When you stop bringing new ideas, you'll become less valuable. Being innovative is a quality of a good entrepreneur, business owner, or someone who wants to be valuable. We need to upgrade our skill set, mindset, and tool set. People tend to outsmart you because of the knowledge you lack. I'd resound again; it's an error for you to do the same thing and expect a different result.


Your attitude forms your personality. You build your attitude from those little behaviors and characters you exhibit. A lot of people do not have an attitude, while some have a poor attitude. If you don't have it at all, your case is better. If you have a poor one, it takes real effort to make it better. But here's what you need to do to build your attitude. Don't go through the stress of forming it from scratch again. It would take time. You can extract successful people's attitudes towards life and live it. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying you should lose your true self and identity to people. Elisha Mamman said, "When you follow people, you don't just become what they say; you become who they are." Now, here's my point.

1. Make a list of successful people you admire in your chosen field.

2. Study their background or story, if any.

3. Outline those significant attitudes that brought about their altitude.

4. Digest and integrate it into your life.

It could be self-discipline, commitment, hard work, resilience, and consistency, to mention but a few.

Take it and run with it this year.

You deserve better. Your business does too. Only God and you can rewrite the narrative. Be an ardent seeker of opportunities and knowledge. Learn to leverage it and upgrade. Model success, and you will produce one.

Be intentional.


© Testimony Azubuike


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