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20 Or Less

As a lady raised in an independent family with a hardworking and independent mother, my life has ever been programmed to be independent. I believe there's nothing too big for me to achieve as long as I put my mind to it.

Right from secondary school, this has really played well, which some people take for Pride. Moving to university in 2019, I found my passion in leadership and technically being me. Started a business, made pretty cool money, was loved, found a family outside my family, and everything is really going so smoothly, but...

I mean, I am so young, but I look a lot more than I age, and it's a battle. I hear people say you're one of the most fierce women I have met, and all these are very great, I mean, it's a motivation, but I guess I took some more into myself.

Finding myself amongst people far older than I am and they are ignorant of makes me desire to pull the card of a supposedly big girl. Don't think about it too much. Nothing bad, trust me but maybe just a little bad.

I desired to be loved, cared for, funny, but yes, touched warmly, and I guess Hollywood has really been playing well in my head. Trust me; it's the honest truth. However, I find guys coming around, and I dismiss them, but some... I want. Had my first relationship, which was pretty cool, but I wasn't settled, I broke it up and decided to focus, and for this reason, I'm writing this.

I found a guy, yh? and I like him a lot, yh? and he's almost everything I desire, yh? and we are dating, but I lied. I lied about my age, and I don't like how I feel cause I've just told him the truth. However, of late, I've been finding it a lot more complicated, and I'm tired fr though the available option for me rn is to call it over, but I don't want to. I don't know if I should be writing this here, but I'm honestly broken.


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