3 Business Lessons I Learnt From Shola

Shola, a twenty-five-year-old Twitter user was trending in the Twitter space a couple of days back. Not for the first time though. What did he do? Let's get right to it!

Shola, a twenty-five-year-old Twitter user, was trending in the Twitter space a few days back. Not for the first time, though. What did he do? Let's get right to it! WHO IS SHOLA? I'm not going to go ahead and assume that everyone knows who Shola is. No matter how popular a person may be, there'll still be many people who have no idea who they are. Shola calls himself a coach. He is known for his teachings on becoming an alpha male, a topic that has sparked much controversy among the Twitter populace. He tweets about men not giving in to every woman's whim, men standing up for themselves, and not allowing women to take advantage of them.

So, a few days ago, he started trending again. The development was due to a tweet he made about charging $200 for a counseling session which caused Twitter to catch fire 🔥 🔥. Many people were outraged at the amount and felt he was not qualified to coach anyone being a very young man himself. During these dragging and vawulence, I learned three things from Shola, which I will share with you in this post.



Yes, I know that money should not be used to measure a person's worth, but this is business, and in the case of Shola, he's a personal brand. There's something about human psychology and pricing. An average human being perceives expensive things as more valuable. The higher the price, the higher the perceived value. Shola was not scared of putting a seemingly high price tag on his services because he knew his worth.

How many times have you reduced the price of your product or service, all in the name of not chasing away your customers? The thing is, if your product or service is solving their problem, your customers won't care about the price provided you deliver on what you claim your product can do. Stop devaluing yourself with low prices. Deliver the best, and you'll see that pricing was not the issue all along.

Another thing about pricing is that it helps you to filter out the serious buyers from the not-so-serious ones. I'm not saying you should charge exorbitant prices for your products. Do you feel guilty about putting a price tag on your products? No! Keep your prices reasonable and if the need for price increments arises, do so with consideration for your customers.



Why do people spend money? One of the reasons is to get a solution to their problems. There's no customer that will dash you money for no reason. You move the hand and pockets of your prospects when you address a pain point when you do for them what they cannot do for themselves. What pain point did Shola address? The feeling of not being enough as a result of materialistic women, the emotional and financial stress that chasing a lady involves, and so on. What product did he use to address this problem? His lessons on becoming an alpha male.

Shola taught or is still teaching men that they don't have to live at the mercy of a lady no matter how much they love the lady. His teachings encouraged men to be their own people, to stand up for themselves, and not to feel as though it is their responsibility to take of a woman's every need when she is not their wife.

Every business, product, and service alike is addressing a pain point. For example, Mark Zuckerberg and other social media operators are solving the problem of connectivity using their various social media platforms. Banks are addressing financial problems with the use of loans, grants, and savings schemes. Every business is in business because of the problem(s) they are helping their customers solve. What pain point are you addressing? Which product are you using to address it?



What is value? Value is something that is of high measure. Shola has been able to convince people that his teachings and mentorship are highly valuable, hence his large following on social media. He has not just convinced people that his product is valuable, but he has also continually delivered valuable content using Twitter.

You can do the same for your business! Use the various social media platforms to give premium value to your followers. Don't just post about what you want to sell all the time. Wet their appetites with good contents. Do this, and they'll keep coming back for more and eventually make a buying decision when the time comes.

Value can be given in the form of social media posts about your product or service, How To tutorials based on your niche, and WhatsApp classes. Giving value is also a means of building trust with your customers. They'll trust you more if you first give them value before trying to sell to them. What method will you employ in giving your customers valuable content?

©️ Musings by Bari-ekwaadoo

Is there something else you learned that I didn't mention?

DISCLAIMER: This post is a result of objective observation. I'm not in support, nor am I against it.

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