3 Ps Of Life

Personality, purpose, and partner...The 3 P's of life shape the direction of a person's journey.

The experience of everyone's life differs because of these 3 P's. A flaw in one of these P's can affect others because they are all interconnected. Not necessarily dependent on one another, but each of them must be represented properly for a generally fulfilled and happy life.

P number one is ~ personality ~

I would love to define personality as the totality of the attitude, character, behavior, temperament, habits, etc., unique to a person over time. This means certain qualities and characteristics that are unique to a particular person. Your personality affects the other P's either positively or negatively. How you behave towards circumstances and mostly how you behave towards people. This also includes your talents and special abilities.

I heard something, and I've been thinking about this issue of personality. I've heard young people say, " love me for who I am ."When I tell them that sometimes some people's character is just too terrible to be loved and such people need to change, these young people tell me that if they change, they are no longer themselves but a person who has changed to suit someone else's taste.

I usually respond by saying that there's room for improvement. Your life from childhood is like a seed. Of course, a seed is expected to grow into something edible. Saying you don't want to change to become the best version of yourself is like saying you want to remain a seed.

No man is perfect, but it is important to know, understand and improve your personality as it makes your experience on earth memorable. Your personality defines you, and that's how people relate to you. ...

P number two is purpose.

You see, this particular one is something that troubles many young people. As I speak to you, I'm still working on that journey, and I'm grateful to God for how far I've come. What is the Purpose? The purpose is a call to duty. The purpose is a gift of man to mankind. You are called to do it for as long as you still have breath. Every man has a purpose that he has been adequately equipped to fulfill. You've been equipped for your journey on earth. It's just left for you to find your equipment and learn to use them. Your talents, special abilities, and your personality are part of your equipment. Now I won't tell us how to discover the purpose of this article. Maybe in another one but certainly not this one. Since we've been able to uncover the second P, let's discuss how it works together with the first P, which is personality.

Few unique things in your personality can aid you in your journey of purpose. I am an example. I love engaging in mostly intelligible conversations. This is an added advantage for someone like me who would grow to teach and coach people someday. I also love the camera and the stage. So this part of my life that requires me to get on stage and talk to people wouldn't bother me because it's already part of my personality. It's important to understand the need to find purpose and pursue it. Living a purposeful life brings us to the peak of fulfillment. It makes us satisfied that we are doing something tangible with our lives. Purpose as a second P can direct the cause of our lives here on earth. Be determined to live purposefully.

P number three is Partner/s.

A partner in this context is not limited to just a marriage partnership. I'm talking about the entire batch of people who were, are, and will be in your life at a given time. Family, friends, course/classmates, church members, basically everyone you've come in contact with during your stay on this earth. They play one role or the other in your life, and it could be consciously or unconsciously. It's a known fact that we can't walk the surface of this earth without some form of contact with humans, and given that this contact can affect the cause of our lives, we must ensure that we have a quality relationship with people around us. Apart from ensuring that we follow the right set of people who will intentionally and consciously promote our journey, we must also ensure that we ourselves are "quality partners ."If we must attract a certain group of people, we must be in a place where they can be attracted to us.  

Ensuring that we are deliberate about the kind of people we let into our lives is a walk on the right path. This is because often times our lives are determined by our association with certain people.

Constantly working or being around negative energy can influence your thinking and belief; we already know what that results to. Who are your partners? If you've not thought about this up until now, this is a perfect opportunity for you to do so. You need partners in this journey of life and purpose. Your personality and purpose have roles to play in the kind of partners (both romantic and platonic) we keep. 

A smoker would hang around people of their kind because they have some common ground. Using myself as an example, despite the fact that I love talking, I am an introverted person, so I don't hang people that are loud and noisy. I don't hang around people who have mad, party, or outdoor vibes. I hang around with my fellow quietly mad people. So my personality has directly affected my partners. Now purpose and partnership have a very obvious relationship. We tend to be close to people who can advance our pursuit of purpose. A person in the business world will find herself surrounded by business moguls and so. Even when it comes to marriage, people are usually attracted to people who share in their dreams. These three Ps are related to one another as the quality or nature of one of them can determine or influence the others. It is important to constantly review our Ps to ensure growth and smooth sailing.


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