4 Things That Builds Intimacy Outside Sex.

A reminder that Sex is not as important as another neglected aspect of the relationship. Sex alone can not make a relationship work if we do not give appropriate consideration to other factors as mentioned in this article.

When we talk about building intimacy in your relationship, getting closer and acquainted with your partner makes the relationship stronger and bonded. Oftentimes, the mind and thoughts of people have driven to sex to establish or build intimacy. While this is true, sex is only one of those several means of building intimacy. But, it has an environment where it should be best practice.

The environment that permits this aspect of intimacy is Marriage. Let me say it again, please... I feel some didn't hear... The only environment where sex should operate without reservation and very boldly is on the bed of Marriage. What I am trying to point out is the fact that there are so many other things that build up intimacy outside the former. That's just one of the many. Do you know that


This is true... The better the Communication, the better the Companion. Even with someone that's not your partner, once they establish a strong communication gap with you, they tend to drive most of your attention. Imagine when a partner does not communicate well with each other. Communication is not just in words, frequent calls, and text... But also in body language and mood swings.


You will always make out time for what you love. In fact, in simple words, love means Priority. If you both do no longer look out for spending time together, then there is a problem. I may not even need to ask anyone out on a date. If I start hanging out with you regularly, there's a connection that is being established unconsciously. You will easily agree if I shoot on you 😋


Can you chip ideas into their development that will be very relevant for them? How much of their dreams are you committed to. See nah... You don't even ask "how can I help" because you feel you don't have money. Ask after all...You need to become a valuable and resourceful partner... Not just answering sweet names like bae, boo, honey pie, sugarplum, 😉😉😉😂


Me self I no get money to buy you iPhone 12 and all the pro max even Human Hair Pro Max. I no fit buy you Benz Maybach yet. But I go buy am for you soon. But for now, accept this Akara and bread with coke, coming from my heart. I fit bring for you Garri before you go back to school or buy you a carton of indomie to add to your provision 😊 A relationship is built more on the basis of little show of care and kindness. And so many other things...Where one of these isn't stable, forget it, sex can't help anything in keeping a partner.

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