5 Cutest Children In The World

Parents would say that their children are the most beautiful in the world. Well In today's topic we'll be talking about those kids whose beauty has made them famous globally.

1. Anahita Hashemzade :

She is the most beautiful kid from Iran. She is famous for her cutest smile and looks.

2. Jane .I. Jalana:

She is a Nigerian child model; she was born on Jan 1st, 2014, in Lagos, the largest commercial city in Nigeria. The young Nigerian beauty has been named the most beautiful girl in Africa.

3. Aira Brown:

She is one of the cutest in the world. She is popular as the 'live barbie.' She rose to fame at the very tender age of 2 after her picture became an internet sensation.

4. Anna Pavaga:

She is a Russian child model and was born in st. Petersburg in 2010. This youngster is named the most beautiful girl in Russia.

5. Anastasia knyazeva:

She has foamy blue eyes with a cute doll-like appearance which makes her veritably beautiful.

Let us know what you think about our list in the comment below.

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