7 Techniques To Lose Weight And Transform Your Body

Being overweight, underweight, or obese is not a sign of good living, but of unhealthy body weight which poses a great threat to your life. Having a healthy body weight increases your self-esteem.

You walk into a shop. "This dress is to die for," you thought as you spotted it on the display stand. You were excited and imagined how beautiful you would look in it. You tried on the pink silk dress with fluffy sleeves, and it didn't fit. ''If only I weighed less", you thought. 

You picked up another dress, white with black stripes this time. Still not your size. You settled for the plain blue dress. It was either you left without buying anything. Suppose you feel less confident when you walk into a room because of your weight. This is for you! Imagine you could lose weight. Imagine you could walk into a room and feel confident because you look good.

Or walk into a store and pick any dress without worries because you can fit in them all.

This article will show you eight effective techniques to lose weight and transform your body.

Do Aerobic exercises daily

Aerobics (also known as cardio or endurance exercise) is a moderate-intense physical activity performed over a relatively long period of time. Examples include running/jogging, walking, skipping, swimming, biking, and playing sports like soccer or basketball.

You need an increased flow of energy to lose weight. Cardio can help you expend more energy, maintain and repair muscles, and increase lean body mass. This, in turn, helps you increase the number of calories you burn each day. You can do cardio at home or at the gym.  

Do weight training exercises

Weight training is a method of exercising that increases muscle strength and improves the appearance of the body. When you lift weights, your muscles need more energy. This energy comes from your muscles' ability to break down fat and carbohydrate in your body with the help of oxygen. According to research, weight training burns more calories than fat up to three times. Weight training for 20 to 30 minutes daily will help you lose weight. Weight training exercises include push-ups, squats, pull-ups, bench presses, and deadlifts.

Having a workout partner may make you enjoy exercising more. You can also join an exercise group to lift an appropriate amount of weight. Start with a weight you can lift comfortably 12 to 15 times and then go from there.

Change your eating habits

Most weight loss occurs because of decreased caloric intake. Some foods like oily fish, french fries, candy bars, potato chips, cheese, some types of alcohol, chocolate and sweets, cake, and ice cream contain many calories. Reducing their consumption will reduce your caloric intake, which will play a role in transforming your body. Proteins, carbs, and vegetables should be contained in each of your meals as they reduce hunger pangs and increase satiety.

Healthy foods like potatoes, lean meat, fish, nuts, berries, eggs, and oatmeal will help you cut down weight.

Learn to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Keep unhealthy food out of the house. Learn to eat slowly too. This helps you limit your food intake. 

Avoid snacks with high calories

To lose weight and transform your body, you have to do away with snacks high in sugar, salt, and fat. These are major components in foods that increase body weight. Fast food (burgers and french fries), some types of biscuits and chocolates, and sweets are snacks with high calories. Check the labels of snacks before buying or eating them and know how many calories they contain. Meanwhile, there are healthy snacks to consume like dark chocolate, popcorn, fruits, and low-fat cheese. Remember, you want to burn calories, so stay away from high-calorie snacks.

Make a timetable for your meals

Making a timetable for your meals is important in losing weight. You should eat breakfast between 6 am to 10 am, and it should be rich in protein. Lunch should be eaten between 12 pm to 3 pm, while your dinner time should be between 5 pm and 7 pm. Eating dinner early is important because the food will digest before you go to sleep. Going to bed with undigested food will increase your body weight. Do not skip any meal of the day; skipping meals won't help you lose weight. Your meals should contain fewer calories, and fruits can be taken between meals as it aids digestion.

Get enough sleep

Poor sleep may increase appetite. Not getting enough sleep affects hormones that trigger hunger and fullness. The longer you stay awake, the more likely you will eat later meals. And late-night meals equate to weight gain. 

Many studies have found that people who don't get enough have an increased appetite and a higher daily calorie intake. If you want to lose weight and transform your body, don't forget that good sleep is part of the equation. 

Eight hours of sleep per day will help your mind relax and reduce stress, decreasing your appetite level and leaving you to make healthy eating choices. 

Eat a nutritious breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Don't skip it. 

You may think skipping breakfast in the morning will help reduce body weight. It won't. When you skip breakfast, there is a tendency you will consume much more during lunch to make up for the breakfast you missed, which will only increase your weight. 

Start each day with a nutritious breakfast instead. Eating breakfast may reduce cravings before lunch hour. Cravings might lead to unhealthy eating choices like eating high-calorie snacks. 

Cereals are an ideal breakfast. They contain fewer calories. Raspberries, oatmeal, eggs, and peanut butter are also healthy choices for a good breakfast. Don’t forget to eat breakfast today!

Drink enough water

Your body weight is made up of 60 percent water. Drinking enough every day is essential for maintaining a healthy weight, energy levels, and flushing toxins out of the body. 

Drinking water before and during meals helps with digestion. Drinking water while eating regulates how much food you take in; when the two are balanced, you consume less food and save your body from more calories. Drinking water helps you remove waste; if you don't drink water as much as possible, you are storing waste in your body, which may increase body weight.

The best time to drink water is before a meal. A simple way to know if you are drinking enough water is if you are rarely thirsty and your urine is colorless or light yellow. The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends an adequate daily fluid intake of about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids for men and about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids for women. These recommendations include fluid from water, food, and other beverages. Healthy body weight will boost your confidence. Eat healthy, live healthy, and stay healthy.

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