8 Tips For 'actually' Writing

❓Have you ever experienced this❓ An amazingly perfect book idea enters your head and you're all pumped up and ready for action, but...there is a problem. You can't seem to write even one word. The pain and struggle of it all😢Writing isn’t easy, and writing a good story is even harder. It must capture your reader’s attention and leave them wanting more. So, how do you get to the most 'difficult' part? Actually writing. My answer: stick to this post and try to follow up. Ready? Let's go✍️

👉Get a pen and a notebook. That's the first step. Invest in a journal or an empty note that can serve your writing needs.

👉Now, spill your ideas into that notebook. Write down everything you've thought of that relates to that project you've been working on. It doesn't matter how funny the idea looks, just write it. Then, arrange all the ideas into a central theme.

👉Now, choose quantity over quality. Why? Because your first draft must be completed. The more you write, the better you will know your story. Worry about editing later, it will become easier for you.

👉Set short-term goals. One thing that helps me write better is setting 10-minute sprints because I end up writing much more than I expected. You should try it too, it almost always works.

👉Write a story, not a book. Repeat this mantra in your head: “You're writing a story, not a book.” A story is so much easier to put down than a book. A book is a big, scary thing but stories are fun and carefree.

👉Get a writing friend. Someone to hold you accountable, and keep you in check when you're falling.

👉Set low goals. Promise yourself that you'll write fifty words in a day. Fifty words and you'll be the best writer to ever exist. Accomplishing things is a morale booster and it will urge you to write more.

👉Just keep writing. You can do this!

The takeaway from all this is that your book or article could be the one that changes someone’s life. So, be creative and have fun with it!

Let me know if this helps!👍

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