8 Tips On How To Unwind After A Very Stressful Period.

Taking a break is a must. Body no be firewood. Read this article for ideas on how to unwind after a stressful period.


Sleep is very important for development in every area of our lives. It does not just help physical rejuvenation, but it also has a positive impact on the mental faculty. When you get enough sleep, your thinking is clear, and you are able to make sound decisions. Very often, people - some motivational speakers - try to play down the sleep and tag it as something lazy people do. This is not true. Everyone needs sleep. The amount of sleep you get may differ from time to time depending on how much work you have on your hands, but it is important that after the work is done or the workload has been reduced to the barest minimum, you make out time to sleep in order to avoid breakdown of your body and mind. There are some people that the cure for their stress is nothing more than sufficient sleep. Do what needs to be done but do not neglect yourself by not getting enough sleep.


There's a lot of noise on social media. Everywhere you turn, people are talking, and it can be sometimes hard to even hear yourself. After going through a period of stress, it is not so advisable to fall into such a noisy place. Let's not even talk about the negative energy (dragging, bullying, trolling - you don't even have to be a celebrity for people to troll you) that sometimes comes with it.

You may say that you can't stay away from social media because that is where you do business, and you always have to be available to attend to your customers. But, let me say this, 24 hours will not hurt you. Twenty-four hours will not chase all your customers away. You can give your customers a heads up that you will be unavailable for some time. Or even better, you can put systems in place whereby whether you are available or not, your business will be running okay without you.


There's a popular saying that music is the food for the soul. Music is very important for relaxation. Everyone has different kinds of preferences. For example, you may enjoy R&B, while someone else may prefer Hip-hop another person may be a fan of instrumentals. Whatever the case may be, pick the one you enjoy and listen to. Also, you can listen to podcasts if you enjoy them. There are a lot of them to choose from in various categories, so curl up in your bed, put on your headphones, and enjoy.


Okay, this is my specialty 😊 Another way you can destress is by watching shows or movies you enjoy. Pick a movie you like, sit back and enjoy while munching on a snack (except you are on a diet - oh well, everyone has a cheat day). The plot doesn't have to make sense; the actors do not have to deliver top-notch performances, and the movie does not have to be an award-winning blockbuster production. As long as you enjoy it, be happy. Allow yourself to relax.


Walking, or should I say strolling? Whatever you want to call it, it still involves leg transportation. Taking a walk helps to clear your mind. It is also a good way to get ideas. The good thing about walking is that you don't even need to do it with the intention of trying to solve a problem. There's something about that singular act of just exercising your legs that helps you to address other areas of your life where you may be having issues. Even if you get nothing out of walking, it's fine. Remember, you are doing it to relax, not to work. There are some environments where this is almost impossible, where finding a quiet place to walk all by yourself may be a chore. You can find something else to replace it.


Keeping a journal is very important because it provides an outlet for you to vent. You don't have to write on it every single day; you can just visit it when your head feels full. Pour those emotions into your journal, you'll feel lighter, and sometimes, you may even get insight on how to handle them. You can also use your journal to document all the things you accomplished during your period of stress. For example, you were working with a deadline in your office, and you managed to scale through. You can write about how winning made you feel. Or, as a student, you were preparing for an exam. You can also write about the whole experience.


You may be the type that enjoys other people's company. If you are, connecting physically with friends may help you to destress. I'm not a big fan of people, but there are times when even I desire the company of my friends. Human beings are not isolated creatures. We were created to live together. So, that desire for contact with fellow human beings is totally normal. However, you should never neglect alone time. Don't forget to take time for yourself.


This may seem geeky or nerdy to you, but reading helps relaxation. I mean, it works for me. There are lots of good books out there; pick one and settle with it. No pressure, no deadline. Relaxation is the aim so just enjoy.

©️ Musings by Bari-ekwaadoo 🌹

Are there other ways you destress? Which point resounds well with you? Share in the comments section 🌹 My name is Bari-ekwaadoo Lekia.

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