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A Bitter Friendship

Dinma was getting irritated by the continuous hissing of Klara, her roommate. She had been checking her phone and tossing it on the bed, hissing at intervals.

"Klara is anything the matter?", Dinma asked out of concern; it was unusual for Klara to behave this way. "My sister, I am tired, nobody has ordered anything from me since morning, and it's past three already," Klara complained.

Klara and her friend Dinma are final-year university students. Klara was engaged in a small business where she sells Small Chops online. She makes small chops and posts on her social media pages and delivers to interested customers. " Hehe, shebi, it's small chops you are selling; if there's no customer, we will eat it na," Dinma said, laughing. This made Klara even more annoyed. "I need the money to buy that handout Mr. Jeremy introduced for our project," Klara said; this time, she paced around the room, hissing loudly.

"Okay, send me a picture of the small chops, and let me post it on my WhatsApp status; who knows, your customers may be in my contact list," Dinma said in a bid to be of help. Klara was excited, and she sincerely prayed the strategy would attract customers for her. Her prayers were answered when a young guy who viewed Dinma's WhatsApp status picked interest in the small chops. He ordered a very large quantity and even paid in full; Klara was elated beyond measure. However, there was one problem, the young man refused a rider to deliver him the small chops. He insisted that Klara be the one to deliver it herself.

"But you know I don't do home deliveries now; I don't even know this man before," Klara said after much persuasion from Dinma to go deliver the small chops to the man. "But his patronage is high, or don't you want to buy your handouts again?", Dinma backfired. After much talk, Klara decided to go deliver the small chops to the man, and Dinma offered to go with her. It was past five o'clock when they arrived at the location for the delivery of the small chops. The location was a small local shop at the back of a popular hotel.

"Are you sure he lives here?" Klara asked Dinma as she stared at the old local shop covering her nose. The place looked deserted and dirty. When it was time to enter the building, Dinma refused to go in with Klara. Her excuse was that she needed a network to browse her school assignments. Klara, who didn't want to turn back after getting this far, went inside alone with the mindset of dropping the small chops and leaving quickly. However, she was surprised to meet six men instead of one in the local shop. She dropped the small chops on the center table in front of the men and thanked them for their patronage. 

As she made to leave, the biggest guy in the group asked her to sit and eat with them. To this invite, Klara politely refused with the excuse that her friend was waiting for her downstairs. The men, however, had other plans aside from eating the small chops; instead, they wanted to even eat a bigger chop. It was too late before Klara could sense what was going on. The biggest man among them had already pushed her onto the center table, making her land on the small chops, destroying it. The man unbuckled his belt as he pulled down his trousers, ready to get between her legs. Klara screamed in a bid to attract Dinma from downstairs, but the more she screamed, the more she was wiped with belts from the five other men.

The Biggest guy had his way on her with ease, probably because Klara was too weak to struggle as a result of the continuous belt wipes she got. The fourth man was having his turn when Dinma showed up. She had a small camera with her. She looked at Klara and laughed loudly, the laugh of mockery! "Now, let's see if you can still brag all around the school of being a pure virgin," Dinma said as she caught the scene with her small camera. Dinma went ahead to recount how Klara had mocked her in year one when she said she was no longer a virgin. Dinma was downcast because she was deflowered by the man she called her father. She had told Klara out of pure trust, but Klara was still insensitive enough to shove it in her face.

She said Klara was being too full of herself because she owned a private business and was still excellent with schoolwork while she had nothing and was an average student. Klara cried; it then occurred to her that she had been set up by her friend out of jealousy!

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