A Blind Date

This is a short story about a blind date: Mama told Nene not to go, but she wouldn't listen....


Mid-afternoon sky was a beautiful canvas graced with sky blues and pure milky whites. The blue is in-depth beyond the smooth, rounded, sugary sweet cloud in the foreground. The next day after my jamb examination, my friends and I sat at a table in a restaurant; we had planned to dine and have wine after the exam. Ifeoma and Uche also had their exam the same day I did mine. That made it trivial to take permission from mama. I clutched my button phone to avoid missing a call from home. Mama and Nene would be plagued if they didn't get through to me.

Using a small phone could be inciting, with the sound of " ton- ton- ton" from the button, I had decided to hide my cellphone from my friends when they manicured hands stretched for their iPhones, but for another reason, I decided not to. " guys, let's go on a blind date, I met some guys on Facebook. They are ready to spend their money on us," Uche said and smiled. " blind date, " I repeated in a choking voice.

My heart throbbed in my ears, loud and irregular, but I barely heard it, for my mind was clouded with fear. My reaction became evident to my friends; they questioned my silence, but I couldn't utter a sentence, not even a word. Cat got my tongue that moment. A heavy, brooding silence descended on us; we perched there starring at one another; the word " blind date " really affected me; it was like a needle piercing my ears." sister nene has told me not to go for a blind date" I finally said 

"Really" Uloma shot me a furtive glance. This time, I lowered my gaze and gave a puzzled look. 'Sister nene,' the statement sounded bizarre to me; I never had for once added the prefix 'sister' to her name, but the matter changed in my friend's presence. " So, you are implying that you are not coming with us? Hun," Uloma asked with annoyance in her voice; she was apoplectic with me, she darted her eyes up and down feverishly, but I couldn't care less. Before they could convince me, I had taken my bag and ambled out of the restaurant.******

The window was opened, allowing a cool breeze into the car. I felt the cool breeze as it touched the warmth of my cheeks, and my head lolled slightly to one side of the seat as if I were unconscious. My eyes were shut, and at that moment, I let my imagination run wild...

The blind date was a deep evocation of Nene's past, my immediate sister. I could remember one late night when Nene entered with a smile on her face; she was so ecstatic that if a horse rode in her that night, it would get to its destination. " oh, I have a blind date tomorrow," she kept smiling as she chattered. The moment of happiness came with an enormous presence that she didn't feel its ephemerality. " Are you sure of what you are saying? You are going for a blind date with a person you have never seen in your life " mama, who had been flicking through her bible since, raised a question.

At first, I didn't know the meaning of blind date, but when mama spoke to Nene, I comprehended its meaning. Nene nagged and hollered at mama that night because mama told her not to go, but she wouldn't relent to that. Later that night, Nene came to my room, shedding tears; she was desperate to go for a blind date" the guy is a billionaire; he has money to spend; trust me, little sis, you will get your share," she made the statement to me.

At first, I declined because mama had warned her not to, but when she bribed me to change my phone to an iPhone. I connived with her, and she sneaked out of the house. The plan was executed as we planned, but mama was oblivious of it. When we had breakfast the next day, mama asked about her, but I fibbed to her that Nene was in her room and that she didn't want to eat her breakfast because mama didn't allow her to go for a blind date..." why is Nene not coming out since morning? " mama asked for the second time that moment she was just back from the market, but Nene wasn't back yet, my body lingered on the chair I sat on. I kept beeping on Nene's phone, but she wouldn't pick up; she promised to come home by 5:pm.

Everything was getting darker and colder, and the time was something past nine. I decided to spill out the beans to her " nene had gone for the blind date" The statement was like a bullet shot at mama; she fell jaded on the floor right immediately like a dilapidated building; I watched as tears hung on her face, they flopped out in a blink. Negative thoughts erupted into my mind; I wondered if Nene had been abducted or had had an accident. Mama sat there whimpering, ululating, blubbering. A form of tears dropped from her eyes like uncertain rain; I felt so bad for her; I wanted to hug her, wipe her tears and tell her everything would be fine. But I wasn't sure; even mama wouldn't allow me near her...

The tick-tock of the clock was amplified, and I glanced at it as a reflex. It was 10 pm when mama Chinedu, our neighbor, rushed in and said, " nene, it is nene; one jeep car just dropped her outside. She is bleeding profusely". It was another shock when we saw Nene lying near a sordid gutter. She was unconscious, and her cloth was stained with blood; she also had an open cut on her arm. Long story short, Nene was hospitalized for some weeks; she had genital injuries, which led to chlamydia.

Unfortunately for her, she was raped by many men; Nene explained that the guy cajoled him, and she decided to follow him to his home, where her drink was spiked. And before she could realize it, she had been raped by many friends of the guy. The grieving and despairing part was when the doctor declared that it would be so difficult for her to conceive in a lifetime...******

"Miss, we have gotten to success estate; you should drop here," the driver's voice snapped me back into reality. I dipped my hand inside my small bag, " here you go," I said as I charged the money toward him. He took it from me, then I got out of his cab and walked into the street. I wanted to tell Nene and mama how my day had been.

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