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A Boy Missing His Mother

In the loving memory of my Mother...Oh, what depths to fall; Oh, what heights to climb; To journey to your voice;

Oh, what depths to fall
Oh, what heights to climb
To journey to your voice
Oh what melody
That sound I’ll hear
When I can feel your voice
Feel your voice and feel your touch
As it echoes in the void
It’s the presence I’ve longed for
Your voice is beyond sound.

It’s an echo in my soul
As I hear you call my name
Oh oh oh
As I hear you call my name
You’re a figure I can’t touch
Though I stretch to points unknown
Though I walk the valleys deep
Navigating by your voice
I’ll always come to realize
That you’re gone.

Memories come
Memories drop
Memories call me
It’s all I’ve got
Once you were here
Now you’re not
My hands are stretched out
Hoping you’ll touch
And I feel you in my heart
Oh, my love.

You’re my mum.
Yes, I feel you in my heart
Oh my love
Oh my mum
Days have gone by
Weeks have gone by
Months also follow
And years in the wait
Tonight I might not find sleep
Just thinking of your love

Tonight I might not find sleep.
Just thinking of your love.
And when morning breaks
I’ll not break with it
I’ll be sleeping at its wake
In the embrace of your thoughts.

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