A Brief Look Into Patriarchy: The Evil It Breeds.

An article that explores the evils of Patriarchy and the reason why feminism isn't the enemy.

On March 3 at 9 PM, Sarah Everard was having a pretty normal day like everyone else. She had left her friend's house in Clapham Junction in the south of London and was heading home. A journey that was about 2.5 miles. As she left her friend's place, she decided to phone her boyfriend to catch him up on things. This conversation lasted for about fourteen minutes.

That was the last time anyone ever heard from Sarah.

At 9:15 PM, she is captured on a CCTV camera heading home. That was when tragedy struck. A bus camera captures two figures(which were confirmed to be Sarah and Officer Wayne Couzens). The camera captures them beside a Vauxhall Astra parked on the sidewalk with its hazard lights flashing. Three minutes pass, and another bus camera capture the same Vehicle with the two front doors open.

Another hour or so passed, and Sarah was transferred into another car by MET police officer Wayne Couzens. It turned out that the first car that was captured on camera wasn't his. He had rented it some days before. He then decides to drive Sarah Everard into a secluded area where he rapes and brutally murders the young woman.

At 2:31 AM, after brutally raping and killing Sarah, Officer Wayne decides to take his car and drive it to a service station with Sarah's dead body still in his car. He buys drinks from the service station and leaves. An hour goes by, and the car is captured by another CCTV camera where officer Wayne dumps Everard's bogy. He goes back to the body twice before heading out finally before the crack of dawn. The very next day, A mission person's report was filed by Sarah's boyfriend after several attempts to reach her failed. But as the sick person that he is, Wayne Couzens finds out about the missing person's report and goes back to burn Sarah's body and dump her remains in the nearby pond.

Just a few days after Sarah's case shook the whole of Britain, 14-year-old Tristan Bailey was found murdered in the woods by a jogger after she was reported missing by the Authorities. She was found with 114 stab wounds with a broken piece of a knife lodged in her head. The assailant was a 14-year-old kid named Aiden Fucci who wanted to get even with the poor child. These are just some of the gruesome killings that happened to women in the first quarter of the year. And many more of these would continue to happen if we do not destroy the system that upholds all these bastards. Patriarchy. 

Whenever I have conversations with people who tell me that Patriarchy does not affect women, I just look at them with a sour look and show them these statistics. Women and children all over the world are being murdered and violated because our patriarchal society continues to give rise to people like Misogynists, Incels, and many more bastards who feel like women owe them anything.

There is one argument that would never cease to amaze me when anyone raises it. It is how Feminism is considered Misandry when it clearly isn't. And when you try to point out how Misogny is killing women daily, It gets shoved off and is only described as the dislike of women and is mostly shoved under the sexism umbrella. Sexism and Misogyny are two different things. While sexism is the act of shoving women into a secluded box and undermining women, Misogyny is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women. It maintains the societal rules of Patriarchy using violence. It gives rise to other sub-beliefs such as INCELS(involuntary celibates). These Incels are people who think women are to be blamed for their celibacy. They have a deep-rooted hatred for women and have often described themselves as Fascist, Racist, and Misogynists. They take out their resentment by killing women and men alike because of their deep hatred and resentment of people who are sexually active and women who deny them sexual pleasures because they think of women as nothing more than objects.

Patriarchy does not only affect women. It affects all of us, and it is eating deep into our core. The society we find ourselves in has given misogynists and misanthropists free reign, and this is killing us. It is killing women. According to the UN, an estimate of 736 million women-almost, one in three, have been a subject of physical and/or sexual violence by their intimate partner or a non-intimate partner. In 2020 alone, a staggering 81,000 women and girls were killed, and around 47,000 of them died in the hands of a partner, family, or stranger.

A woman is being killed every eleven minutes.


If we do not do something about this, it would be cancer that would eat us from the inside out. You don't have to be a woman to clamor for equality and the destruction of Patriarchy. This is a woman's fight, but we can join hands, men and women alike, to fight this thing that is killing us in cold blood. How long do women have to endure this? 

Women are tired. We are tired. We just need to be seen as humans and not objects of Male pleasure. We are more than that. And that is what Feminism is clamoring for. Equal rights. Feminism does not hate men; it does not call for killing and slaughtering. It just wants women to be seen and heard. It just wants men to get in tune with their emotions and know it is perfectly okay to talk about things, not take them out on women. Before Sarah and Tristian were murdered, these men had been reported because of several indecent comments they made towards women. Wayne, in particular, had been accused of indecent exposure on two main accounts, but his employers decided to ignore it. If those allegations were taken seriously, Sarah and Tristian would still be with us today.


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