A Call To Service

Oh! Dear mortal, don't you know?; The purpose of life is to grow;In love, in faith, in wisdom too;

Oh! Dear mortal, don't you know? 
The purpose of life is to grow,
In love, in faith, in wisdom too,
To serve the Lord in all you do.

Our time on earth is but a breath,
A fleeting moment 'til our death, 
So let us use it well and wisely,
And with God's aid, we'll surely rise.

For serving Him is not a game, 
It's not some act for fleeting fame,
It's a calling, a holy quest, 
And with it, we find true rest.

So let us strive with all our might,
And let our hearts be pure and bright,
For when we serve with all our hearts, 
We'll find our joy will never depart.

And when our earthly journey ends, And we are called to heaven's glens,
We'll stand before His throne of grace, 
And hear Him say, "Well done my faithful race."

~Still @_1st.adam

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