A Chapter Of Pages!

Reflections on the social classes of people who are in the society with each strata of needs and wants yet we are never equals even if created by the same creator in similar beings This is a is aphorism against the notion that human beings are equal in the face of Law, in reality of vicissitudes of living, there are many inequality remnants .

Diverse, Decrepit,
Diverse, Debonair,
Such is the pages,
Each plain lies pictures,
Of not caricature or silhouette,
Rather plain drawing tones,
Rhetorical of pressed moods,
Rhetorical of blossom moods,
Me... a hawking 👁️ eyes,
Plucking innate images,
Of how equals beings cannons,
Nay, inequality rinse of LAWS.

What LAWS said we wrought oil,
Of filming bright mentality,
Called Fundamental human rights,
Binge by all human beings
Nay, we aren't equal nor similar,
Even from the gates of heaven,
Wherein some heaven-bound,.
Others hell deep fire,

I go left aside,
Wherein the negligent,
Ignore the laws of grammar,
Of their life is a fate crook,
Is it lack wretched wants?
Be their hymnal book blurb,
Not of often nor mildly,
Rather always...at all times.
Their cloaks seem riddled,
Their shoals of their shelter,
Falling drowning with drought,
Aside, when leaking as rainfall
The little child met,
Who should exclaim purity,
Stands motionless, clueless.

Claws of those in the sun,
Devoid of the sprinting grace,
Spleening their land of birth,
Sprouting their laces of birth,
Such that their claws curse,
As if fortunes is promissory,
Bagging the so-called jaws,
Of their present wretch world.

 Unbalanced is the balance,
Of their other side, nexus,
Debonair light the far-cracks,
I can't  say of their voices,
Whom am I to quizzical,
Yet, the tone 🎵 tinkering,
The pages fresh of crispneess 
The chapters full swerving lot,
Isn't fair their hairs of colours,
Detonated the earlier people met,
Melt of air around their sods,
Rosy esctacy beneath of course .

In Chapters' Estate,
Many sleep, slept outside,
Yes...i saw hearken episode,
Not far off, I saw whispering lights,
Of what isn't Xmas lights,
As what cool and culled 
 Estastic  diverse childbirths,
If in one chapter, love lucky,
In the other side, love lacterated.

In Chapters Estate, 
Many eat...much not wanted,
For many..see what you eat,
For a few, stomach aches keynote,
For their 👁️ eyes...clean matters,
For the rest...shelter head matters,
Your noses grumpy or greasing,
It is the taste of air that marks,
God help us

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