A Courageous And Focused Slave! (would You Do The Same As Joseph Ben Yaakov Or You Would Give In?)

A review of the story of a slave boy in a foreign country who remained focused on his dream and stood up for righteousness despite his challenging conditions- in comparison with our contemporary society.

Late February this year, I got the inspiration to write this piece that I'm going to share now to encourage the hardworking, dedicated, aspiring, and emerging professionals in their various fields of expertise- who are constantly faced with challenges in their career prospects or working places as a result of corruption that seems to have dominated the business and employment settings, particularly in Nigeria.

I first shared it on my Facebook page, and it has encouraged many of my friends and followers. I have so much confidence that it will encourage you too. It is based on the story of the Biblical Joseph, who was sold off by his brothers as a slave and was taken to Egypt and kept as a house boy. The wife of his master developed much interest in the young boy and requested that he should lie with her, which he refused. A decision that landed him in prison. Have a nice time as you read through. I titled the piece thus:

WOULD YOU DO THE SAME AS JOSEPH BEN YAAKOV, OR WILL YOU GIVE IN? Suppose Joseph Ben Yaakov could have happened to live in our present generation where he refused to lie with Potiphar's wife. In that case, I can imagine the different kinds of names his contemporaries would call him. They would have called him Mumu; he no gets a sense, village people at work, He is not wise, He's misusing opportunities, etc. Some people could have said: "the whole wife of Potiphar likes you, but you are rejecting her! Don't you know that she can add butter to your bread as the wife of the king's official? Don't you know that as the wife of a king's right-hand man, she can take you out of slavery? Don't you know that as the wife of Potiphar, she can make you find favor before the entire Egyptians?"

I can imagine another group of people saying: "see this poor slave boy dragging with the wife of his master. As a slave and poor boy, what worth do you have? Which voice do you get? You better put down your pride and submit to her demand."I can also see some groups of people with my eyes of imagination telling Joseph: "Is it not you that dreamt that you'd become a great person against your brothers' wishes? This is an opportunity to do what your master's wife is requesting you to do so as to get your dream come to pass; because she can influence your elevation!"

And I can imagine another group of people telling Joseph: "Are you better than everyone else? Many people are doing it. In fact, it's the new trend in town." Joseph could have followed their advice and suggestions, but he did not do that. He has a fear of the Lord, and he realizes that the favor that the woman might give him would not be compared with what God is capable of giving him. He had conviction down deep in his heart that even if he had to suffer for the sake of righteousness - for standing up for God that would be okay because God would be glorified as a result. 

He understood that the fear of the Lord was the beginning of wisdom. He understood the implication of getting the whole world and losing his soul in heaven. It's a great loss! You may be going through a similar situation as Joseph; there's so much pressure on you to compromise your stance with God; You are being pressurized to forget about God for you to be promoted in your place of work, or you are requested to pay a bribe before you could be promoted or given a job offer; You may have been asked to sleep with the CEO of a company before you can be given a job offer or promotion; you may have been asked to renounce your faith in Christ before you could be offered a job or promotion.

Would you be like Joseph and take a bold step to stand for God and righteousness by refusing to compromise, or would you compromise and get what you want now? Joseph refused to follow the trend in Egypt; yes, he refused to follow the trend! It was a time when adultery and fornication were common. And in the end, God honored Joseph for standing up for Him. Even though he went through the prison and suffered hardship, it was but for a while. God finally vindicated him and placed him in a position of authority as he dreamt of. God used him to save the world from a devastating famine.

I can see someone saying: "Hmmm! Do you really know Nigeria? Do you really know the evil things that are happening in my country or my area?" Yes, I can tell you the situation was even worst in Egypt than it's now. Egypt was known in those days as a land full of wickedness. Yet, Joseph stood his ground. Let me conclude with these scriptures: 

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. ( Galatians 6:9) For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? (Mark 8:36)For whatsoever things were written before time were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope. (Romans 15:4). Therefore, Keep on striving, keep your communion with the Holy Spirit, for your strength will definitely come from Him. Keep on standing for God, and He will elevate you in due season. 

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