A Curse Or Coincidence

Awele, the girl in her teenage. Beautiful, chubby, dark-skinned, an example of a typical African lady. She was faced with the catastrophe of life. Rescinded by her people, moving from one kind to another. She knew not her mother, who died while giving birth to her. Her father and siblings passed on when she was just seven; they were involved in an automobile accident while trying to visit her at grandma's place.

Everyone believed she was cursed. One who was reviled by God before being sent to the world. She was made to believe she was responsible for her parent and siblings' sudden demise. The village medicine man confirmed her as a cursed child; whoever stays with her gets to share in what was bestowed upon her.

No more parents, families refused to accept her, and the only person who took it as a cross to bear was her maternal grandmother; she also passed away a few months after Awele came to live with her. After her demise, the allegation grew intense, and she was made to perform all sought rites before being banned from the village. 

Homeless and an orphan, the disaster that struck her loved ones remains bewildering to her, to admit what people believe she is or to debunk it, the panic of starting her life all over again and inflicting suffering on people around her or to just admit peoples speculation and end it all. Suicide!! The only word that keeps hitting her mind. Then, it was not easy to die; as depressive as she was, death did not suit her, she guessed. "Maybe she would get to see her creature; then she would ask him if she was the cause of her family's demise or if it was just a coincidence. Maybe she would get to know what she had done in the past to be execrated, or maybe she was incarnated from a world different from this." All this run through her mind.

She took the courage to disregard people's opinions. As homeless as she was, she dear not confront her family member for help; she continued to wander around, moving from one city to another, hoping for a greener pasture. In her journey through misery, she came across a family where she worked as a cleaner. This couple loved her and took good care of her; soon, she was asked to be their daughter. They have been childless for the past fifteen years; observing Awele; she is a lovable young teen, hardworking and calm. They taught since she was homeless and rejected by her people, they could make her theirs. 

Seeking her opinion, she explains to them her problem and the curse she hauled. However, this couple did not believe in such; they went further to legally adopt her. It was supposed to be a happy moment for her. That was all she had ever wanted in her life, but fear gripped her; she worried about the disaster that would befall the innocent couple. Then, the story changed. Coming into their life was such a blessing; the couple witnessed no calamity. It has all been a joy since she became their daughter. They later welcomed a set of twins two years after Awele came into their life.

On the single sitter chair she sat in her room, memories of everything she had gone through flashed back in her mind. She wondered how oncogenes said a cursed child becomes a blessing to another family. " was I caused, or was it just a coincidence " she murmured while walking back to her bed.

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