A Day In My Life.

It started off as a cloudy day, and I mean a dark cloudy day. The sun couldn't be seen anywhere in the sky.

You could feel the cold breeze romance your skin. The weather felt good, but I had already made plans for the day, and it seemed like the rain was ready to ruin all of my plans. I had planned to take out my clothes to wash and dry, but since the sun didn't come out after some time of waiting, I settled to wash the clothes and leave them in a basin. Took my bath, and then the rain came, so heavy like it was going to remove the roof of the house. With a whirlwind, the rain came ready to pull trees out of place and move stationary objects to unknown destinations.

I felt I wouldn't make it because I was to head out since I had an excursion. Luckily enough, I got dressed and ready to go out at the same time the rain began to settle. I picked my back and ran under the little drops of rain, and managed to reach the school's gate. From there, I took public transport and got to my faculty, where I had to do another round of waiting. A few of my colleagues and I had to wait for the rest of our department to get to the bus; this took longer than expected; I possibly couldn't blame them because the weather was already bad. We managed to take our leave about 5 minutes before our planned departure time.

Now, the journey begins. We hit the road, and our driver, who seemed like he kept an extra life in his pocket, drove as if he didn't have any Passengers. Luckily enough, we arrived safely at our destination. At the same time, we were the first set of students to arrive at the hospital. We waited for about 20 minutes for the other two buses to arrive. While waiting for the other buses to arrive, we heard that the reason they had not arrived yet was that one of the buses had a flat tire on the way, so they had to stop on the way, but then what about the third bus? I guess our driver used the speed of lightning to get us here, that's why the last bus couldn't even catch up.

After every one of us from my department had arrived, we did a ward/unit round with the help of a Nurse who was advised by a Matron. The nurse was accompanied by our lecturer, who helped us as we met every unit in the hospital and got a pep talk from each nurse and doctor on duty. The information obtained from each unit was indeed a great one. After everything, we finally had a stop which was at the mortuary; it was a completely separate building from the hospital but not in a totally secluded area.

We were all told to enter the mortuary as a means to overcome our fear as Nursing students.

While I walked in, I noticed that some people had to forfeit the idea of walking into the midst of dead people. I walked in and noticed that the corpse was just everywhere; there were also name tags specifying their names, ages, and date of death. The fear at the mortuary was real. Abandoned corpses were separated from the ones that were subsequently going to be buried by family members. The trip was an enlightening and educative one.

Hopefully, I look forward to working as a Registered Pediatric Nurse. The journey back to the school was a nice one; it was a thrill ride, especially because our driver still drove a bit recklessly, letting our hearts be in our mouths. Luckily enough, we were allowed to eat before we hit the road. I arrived safely at my dorm, but it was quite late, around the evening time, so I took my bath and ate and reminisced on the happenings of that day. The whole experience was crazy, but it was worth it.


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