Naomi 1 year ago

A Dirty Job.

I will do anything to make money. Because money is Life...A lot of people don't usually love their job, maybe it's because they don't have passion for it, or because their employers don't treat them well. But I love mine, and that's why I attend to it with deep alacrity.

I applied water and shea butter to my hair, combed it carefully, and then proceeded to pack it in a ponytail. My virgin hair was beautiful, really soft, and had a nice scent. And that's all thanks to my live-in conditioner. I wore my bra after applying cream to my skin and looked at my work uniform lying on the bed. I picked it up and smiled.

Today was going to be a great day because it was my turn! I dressed up and went to kiss my Mom, who sat idle in her wheelchair. She was diagnosed with stroke when the news of my father's death had gotten to her. My father had traveled with his best friend to Italy by water, even when my mother had greatly kicked against it. A week after he left, we were contacted by that same friend of his that he was dead. My Mom was pregnant with her second child when she received the news. And when she was diagnosed with a stroke, they had to do surgery on her to extract the dead baby.

This incident didn't go well with her, and since then she has become a shadow of herself. I kissed her lips and bid her goodbye. She was the main reason I was working so hard. She couldn't work anymore, and so I have become the breadwinner. If I don't work, we won't eat. I stood at the bus stop waiting for a vehicle that would convey me to my destination. The time was just 6 o'clock, and I didn't want to trek the distance to my shop. The noises from the tortoise car at the far end of the street gave its occupants away.

They were probably too caught up in their romance, that they were oblivious of their environment. I tried to muffle their screams by using my hand to cover my ears, this was one of the days I regret leaving my earplugs at home! I finally got a bus, but it seemed that the bus driver was really into young girls because he wanted my phone number instead of his money. How lovely of a sixty-something-year-old man! I had barely gotten to the shop when I noticed the long queue. The queue could be used as a census for that street. It was barely 6:30 am, yet our shop was already filled to the brim.

This isn't an unusual sight though, I mean who wouldn't love to eat our delicious and crunchy bean cake and special custard. I walked briskly to my employer's office and she immediately stood up, staring at me with excitement in her eyes. "Did you bring my ticket to success?", She questioned immediately. I nodded and quickly dipped my tender hands into my bag. I brought out five pieces of used sanitary pads. The ones I used the previous week and gave them to my Boss. " Good Girl, I know I can rely on you", She cheered as she quickly gathered the used sanitary pads. She gently squeezed out the blood from them and used it to mix her groundnut oil after a series of prayers from her wooden cross. 

Immediately it clocked 7: 00 AM, she started frying the bean cake with the mixed groundnut and I and my other colleagues made the custard. Soon, people were feasting with smiles on their faces. Even as customers trooped out satisfied, more trooped in seriously famished. This was why I loved my job, it puts smiles on the faces of the hungry. Something their loved ones couldn't do. Even though I was physically serving the customers, my mind was fixed on my pay at the end of the day sales. I was going to be receiving 40% of the money made here today because today, was my turn...

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