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A Dose Of Her Pills

Kate was a blogger. She specialized in digging up information about celebrities, politicians, and popular figures and posting the information, mostly dirty information about acts they had committed in the days of ignorance.

Her blog destroyed marriages, rendered people jobless, and wreaked havoc on people, yet she was unmoved. She delighted in digging up dirty information, and when there was no information to dig up, she created information. The people she hurt meant nothing to her. Many people were rendered bankrupt because of her posts, most of which were lies, yet none of them meant anything to her. She had a blog, had a flock of brainwashed fans, and had money; therefore, nothing else mattered.

Once, she had a small misunderstanding with Jane Umeh, a popular actress, and despite Jane's attempts to apologize, she swore to deal with her. Less than a week after the incident, she made a post accusing Jane of sleeping with a popular politician. The post went viral on social media, and Jane's reputation was murdered. Jane's husband, who had been having a series of misunderstandings with her, took that as an opportunity and filed for a divorce. Kate continued in her atrocities, posting horrible things about people and destroying their image.

One day, she got a friend request on her Facebook account. She did not usually accept friend requests, but the name was weird and striking; 'Jay Sweet.' She accepted the request, and a few minutes later, he sent a message. She ignored it for a while and went through his timeline to see his pictures. His pictures intrigued her even more than his name. He was tall, dark, and heavily built. He had the appearance of a weight lifter, and he had a handsome face, and we'll keep beards. Most of his pictures were taken in a well-furnished sitting room, and some of them were taken beside a car, a beautiful black Jeep. No doubt he was rich! She hurried back to the inbox and replied to his message.

"I'm Jayson. I work as a gym trainer in Texas. I came to Nigeria a month ago, and I am staying in GRA. May I know you, please?" he said politely. She was flattered. She told him her name and told him that she was a hardworking blogger. "Can we trade pictures?" he requested. "Sure," she replied. Almost immediately, she sent him several photos of her. She chose photos that were stunning enough to tease him. "You are beautiful," he commented. "Thanks," she replied with a love emoji. She chided herself that she was rushing things, but before she could do anything about it, he had sent his own pictures. The pictures he sent to her directly were even hotter than the ones she had seen in his timeline. She was tempted; she was infatuated. She fell totally for him.

"Are you single?" he asked."Yes. I've been single since last year when my ex-lover jilted me", she replied. "I'm sorry. I wonder why a man would hurt someone as beautiful as you are. I hope it won't stop you from giving me a chance?" he asked. "Well, you haven't asked for it," she replied. "Okay. Let us not beat around the bush. You are a beautiful woman, and I like you. Can we meet?" he asked boldly. A part of her wanted to decline since she barely knew him, but the desperate part that had fallen for him prevailed. She said yes. "I'm new here like I told you. I only know one comfortable hotel. Will you see me at De Prickles Hotel? I promise to be a complete gentleman", he pleaded.

"I think I'll be free tomorrow around 2 pm, so I'll come", she promised. "Thank you, dear. I hope things work out between us. You are beautiful, and I'll like to have beautiful kids", he said. She giggled to herself. She, however, tried not to act too desperately, so she simply said, "Okay." He asked for her number, and she gave it to him. "I'll call you," he said. "Okay," she replied with a smiling emoji. The following day she woke up earlier than usual. She hurried over her tasks and ate, and had a short nap which was interrupted by the ringing of her phone. She picked up the call. "Hello?" "Oh hi, it's me, Jayson. Jay Sweet, your Facebook friend. Are you still coming?" he asked. "Yes. I'm about to start getting ready", she replied."Okay, dear. Will you like me to order a meal?" "Let's leave that until I come," she replied. "Okay, dear."

She hurried up and went to bathe. When she finished, she dried her body and selected a dress from her wardrobe. She chose a red dress and a pair of blue sandals, then she sprayed a generous quantity of cologne, put some money in her handbag, and left. The drive to the hotel took ten minutes, and when she got there, she parked and alighted. When she got to the reception, she called him, and he told her the room number. With the help of the receptionist, she was able to locate the room. She got there and knocked softly on the door, and he opened it. He looked even more handsome than his pictures portrayed. "Hi, beautiful lady," he said as he led her in."Good afternoon," she said cheerfully.

"You are welcome. I got us a bottle of wine. Let me pour you a glass", he offered. He uncorked the wine and poured her a glass. He offered it to her, and she took it with a smile. She sat down on the bed and began to sip from the glass. He strolled to the door and locked it, then put the key in his pocket. She noticed what he did, but she did not ask questions. She was engrossed in thoughts of his tempting physique. "I want to know more about you," he requested. "Okay. I'm the first daughter in a family of..." she began, but he interrupted. "No, that's not what I mean. I mean, I want to know if there's anything else you do aside from causing pain to people", he said coldly. "What is that supposed to mean?" she asked in fright. She quickly kept the glass of wine on the bed and stood up. "Blogging is not an alibi for you to destroy people's image. You've been warned enough", he dove at her. She kicked and screamed and scratched him, but he held onto her neck with pressure, strangling her. In less than three minutes, she fell to the floor, lifeless.

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