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A Girl Child

l am a precious Jewel; A gift to my generation; A blessing to my nation;

l am a precious Jewel
A gift to my generation
A blessing to my nation
I know my worth
I know my cost
I am bold, courageous and strong
i am not moved by whining tongue and a trickish speech

I am worth more than precious stone
worth more that silver and Gold.
In me lie the capacity to bear , conceive, Nurture and bring to life

I am the hope of my future
the future of my generation
I am the solution my Nation seeks
The pride of my family

I am made for a purpose
To bring joy, peace, happiness where ever i find myself
I am a solution provider
I am a crown upon any head that finds me
I am a light that shines in darkness

Though find in a society where not valued as Worth
Molested and rape at every given opportunity
Beaten and killed by men who feels there are stronger
Insulted and harassed by uncultured men

Oooo! when will my value be seen and appreciated? when am most times seen as a weakling and empy vessel, just because of my kind and tender heart, full of love and compassion

Nevertheless, I keep on moving because i have the ability to endure pain, though the goal may be far but it definitely achievable
But it can not be achieved with Heads bowed down
so i put my head up high with boldness and confidence declaring to myself
I am a gender with so much greatness

Guess who i am

©Oko Regina OSHAMA
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