A Grateful Heart

At that point, you felt there was no reason or meaning to life...The one who created you has a purpose for you; irrespective of who you are,

The one who created you has a purpose for you 
irrespective of who you are, 
where you are, what you are, 
and what you are not.
Most times we focus on things we think we should have 
but we never had, 
where we should have been 
but we aren't, yards to take, miles to go 
and ultimately our present situation with where we are.

Amidst all, we tend to forget about what we have 
that we neither worked for,
paid for nor qualified for but we attained with little or no stress.
Above all these is the gift of life. 
What is your yardstick of comparison of success, 
achievement, fulfillment, and life?
He that is not faithful in little will not be faithful in abundance.

I am Emiola Balogun.
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