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A Lesson I Learnt From The Holy Spirit

Read and find out what the Holy Spirit told me that made me publish over seven books within two years.

Some years ago, precisely in 2015, the Lord inspired me to write a book on the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Then straight away, I went to work and began writing, but suddenly stopped. Do you know why? Along the line, I started feeling a sense of inadequacy and a lack of sufficient knowledge about the subject. So I said to myself, “I’m going to wait till I know everything I should know about the Holy Spirit, then I’m going to commence work.”

Then, three years passed, and still, I hadn’t written the book. Meanwhile, I had lost the former manuscript in the process. Then came 2018; the Lord laid it in my heart again to write still on the same subject. This time again, I started writing and developed a new framework to guide me through the process. 

But again, something happened, and I put everything on hold, but thank God the previous work had been safely uploaded to my Gmail account. 2020 came, and I found myself writing another book ‘WELCOME ABOARD: A Journey to the Father’s Heart,’ and once I was done with that, the Lord whispered to my heart, “it’s time to go back to the book I asked you to write 5yrs ago”. Then as expected, my response was, “but I don’t even know much yet about the Holy Spirit.” Then, gently, the Lord said, “Shine the little light you have, and when I find you faithful in little, I will commit more to you.” 

Immediately, I started writing, and to my greatest surprise, the Lord began to open my eyes and draw my attention to truths I’d never paid attention to before, and I can honestly testify that I know more now than I knew when I first started to write on the subject. The moral is this: don’t wait until you have all the details. You can begin with the little you presently have and then trust the Lord for whatever more is required. Start taking steps in the direction of your dream while at the same time investing in building your personal capacity. 

It's been two years now, and I have successfully written and published over seven books. I didn't feel I could even write one book, but here I am, a proud author of 6 amazing books. What iI I hadn't taken steps even though I was scared? What if I'd waited till I was sure I'd gathered all the knowledge there is about that subject? Don’t wait till you have everything straightened out before taking steps. You really don’t know how much you are capable of or how much you know until you begin to take some specific steps. You may never know how much you are capable of until you begin to take steps forward in the direction of your dream.

#Act now #You will be amazed at the result #The world is waiting for you  

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