A Letter To The Little One Who Wouldn't Make It To This World.

There are many feelings yet unexpressed, the ones we can explain we go for it and the ones we can't, we best let them be.

Naming a child seems to be one of the most difficult tasks a parent could be given because they want a wonderful name, a name that expresses their love for the child or the situations they passed through while the child was yet unborn.

Surprisingly she did that easily. She gave her unborn child a name while it was still in her; while she hasn't even felt it growing, she gave it a name that best describes how little he was at that time. Oops, just spilled the beans that "it's a boy."

You must be happy to know that she named her child, which means she would turn out to be a great mom. No, I fear for her and the unborn baby. She's actually taking the step of killing the child, and this would be done in a few days from now. That little dot she saw from the ultrasound test will soon be gone. She didn't even feel that something was growing in her yet, it was that little, but she had to take the step because she wasn't ready for any of it.

Many plans had already been made for this little fella. We didn't know things could end up like this, we thought we were very careful, yet this is the outcome. Our imaginations had already kicked in, and we already thought about how cute and chubby you might be once you're born. The things you'll need as a growing child, the games you'll have to play that would drain the energy from your body and waste your time, and yes, we'll have to give in to your little demands.

Although we couldn't meet, I want you to know that we all Love you, and we just weren't ready for something great.

Regardless, your mom is a good person.


I'm in tears.

Love, someone you might have met.

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