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A Lifestyle Of Faith

Faith is the living principle as well as the currency of God's kingdom. Learn, from this article, how to live in the real experience of God and His blessings.

So, you see, it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to Him must believe that there is a God and that He rewards those who sincerely seek Him. (Hebrews 11:6 NLT) Faith is the currency of God’s kingdom. It is the living principle of God’s kingdom to which we belong. Everything operates and functions by faith. Everything is also sustained by faith. It takes faith to receive and sustain anything from God. 

Faith provides the link or contact with the power of God. It takes faith to live the supernatural life that’s ours in Christ. 

Faith is what pleases God. It is what honors Him. Nothing else honors God-like faith in His word and power. It is emphatically declared in no uncertain terms that “it is impossible to please God without faith.”The highly esteemed Bishop David Oyedepo often says that “faith is the universal currency of God’s kingdom. It delivers at the same rate in every nation.” God is not a respecter of persons. There is neither partiality nor is there any tendency for a change in Him. To please God, everyone must come to Him by faith. Irrespective of your financial, academic, or social status, nationality, tribe, tongue, or even religious creed, it is impossible to please God without faith. 

It is faith that activates and sustains the movement and activities of the Holy Spirit in every generation. Faith encourages the operations of the Spirit of God. The gifts of the Spirit are received and operated through faith. To experience the workings and manifestations of the Holy Spirit, it is essential that we believe that God is and that He rewards those who sincerely seek Him. A lifestyle of faith is a non-negotiable factor in experiencing the workings of the Spirit. The Bible says, “it is impossible to please God without faith.” It didn’t say it is difficult to please God without faith. We are told that it is impossible to please Him without faith.

But it is also important to know the kind of faith which pleases God. There is a kind of faith that God is pleased with. Every human being believes in something. Some people believe in themselves; others believe in the devil. Some people believe in nature, while there are those who believe in created things. There are those whose faith is in the system of the world or their job, certificate, connections, etc. In this humanistic, atheistic, and secular work we live in today, it is important to define faith scripturally in our relationship with God and the experience of Him. Please listen carefully. When we talk about faith, especially as this book is concerned, we mean belief in God and His word. 

David, speaking about these things, said, “Some nations boast of their armies and weapons, but we boast in the LORD our God.” (Psalm 20:7 NLT) To activate our spirits for the workings of the Holy Spirit, we must exercise a lifestyle of faith in God. And he [Abraham] believed in the LORD, and He [the LORD] counted it to him for righteousness. (Genesis 15:6)

One of the many hindrances I have seen among believers preventing them from laying hold on the promises of God is the lack of proper understanding of the concept of faith. Most anointed preachers have succeeded in mystifying this spiritual principle, thereby making it difficult for the ordinary believer to come into the experience God's blessings and promises. I've often maintained that the complexities and ambiguities around the gospel are a result of the inventions of men and women who communicate it, and most times, it is a result of a lack of proper vocabulary to communicate spiritual truths.

If you listen to Jesus, you'd be so amazed at the simplicity of the gospel He preached. He used windows or similitudes that ordinary people could relate to. He gave His sermons using physical or natural realities to explain the spiritual phenomenon. People could understand His discourse, and that's why multitudes followed Him. I have studied faith under several anointed teachers and have even employed their quotes in some of my teachings. But recently, the Lord opened my eyes to a definition of faith I hadn't read from any book or heard anyone teach. I heard these words in my spirit, “faith is simply agreeing with God.” 

I actually investigated it and found it to be thoroughly scripturally accurate. The words translated as faith and believe in the New Testament are the Greek words ‘pistis’and ‘pisteuo.’ The only difference between faith and believe is simply the fact that faith is a noun while believe is a verb. Believe is the action of faith. Therefore, to believe or have faith in God is simply to agree with Him. If you understand this, it will clear most of the ambiguities around this subject. God doesn't want people arguing with Him. He wants us to simply agree with Him. Until we agree with Him, He cannot work among us. 

In Genesis 6:3, the LORD said, "My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh..."Our experience of God's promises and blessings is not dependent on God's ability to perform but on our ability to believe or agree with Him. For example, Jesus told the father of the epileptic boy, "if you can BELIEVE, all things are possible to him who BELIEVE(Mark 9:23, emphasis mine). 

All things are possible to the one who agrees with God. We must agree with God according to His written word and take corresponding actions if we hope to see the manifestations of the Spirit among or through us. We must create the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to move through our faith. We must receive and exercise the gifts of the Spirit through faith. ...If ye will not believe (agree with God), surely ye shall not be established.” (Isaiah 7:9) So, beloved, God says to simply “agree with Him.” Please, my friend, stop arguing and complaining and simply agree with God. Agree that He knows exactly what He's doing and will do exactly what He says He will do. Agree that He can do what He's promised to do. Responding to Peter’s observation of the withered fig tree, Jesus said to him, “Have faith in God” (Mark 11:22).

An excerpt from my book ‘HOLY SPIRIT: HIS MINISTRY AND GIFTS.

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