Naomi 1 year ago

A Lunatic's Victim

Rita was more than a friend to me, in fact, she was like the sister I never had. She was my special best friend.

I initially declined when she told me about the fixed blind date with Lucas, our class Rep, but her persuasive tongue got the best of me. I was very shy on my first date with Lucas, our class Rep. He made me feel very comfortable after we got talking. He was interested in everything about me, making me feel special. He was the most handsome guy in our Faculty, intelligent and smart. Of course, he was every lady's dream. And I was really glad he picked interest in me. I remember the night I was supposed to visit Lucas; I wanted to go visit him unexpectedly. He was my boyfriend, so I didn't see any reason to call first before going to visit him.

Rita wasn't at home, so I was really bored. I couldn't sleep alone, so I resolved to go visit Lucas, my boyfriend. When I got to his apartment that night, I was surprised to find his main gate unlocked. It was late already, and it felt weird seeing his door unlocked. What if a stranger had come in to attack him? I met the shock of my life when I walked into his room. The lively apartment looked so gloomy, covered in smoke. That wasn't what caught my attention, though; what made me open my mouth in shock was the moving object on the fan. That moving object was my friend Rita. Rita was hanging on the fan, her hands, and legs tied to the back. I was so shocked; what was Rita doing in Lucas's house?

A few minutes later, Lucas walked into the room from the front door; he locked the door after him. He moved gently around the room as if looking for something. He acted like a lunatic with the speed he used in shoving the dagger into Rita's stomach; I was really surprised. What was wrong with Lucas? As if he heard my thoughts, he walked up to me, telling me how Rita had come to his room trying to seduce him and how he defended himself by beating her up and tying her on the fan. I just couldn't believe it; I mean, why would Rita want to seduce my boyfriend when she was the one that initially introduced him to me? I excused myself, telling him I wanted to use the bathroom.

What I saw further drove me insane; it was the body of different girls all over the bathroom floor. They were dead, and their private parts were all gone; what was really happening? I heard the bathroom door open and Lucas walking in. I was really scared; I didn't know if I would be his next victim. When he got to the door I was in, he asked calmly. "Won't you like to be my next lover"?

Lover? Wasn't I already his lover? He later told me about how he was only interested in making love to dead bodies. It didn't really matter if it was the body of a man or a woman; it should just be a Dead body! The shock was written visibly all over me; how did I end up with a man who was only interested in making love to a body that makes no movement? He killed my Best friend Rita and other girls for this single reason, and now he is going to kill me! I regret leaving my house to come to visit Lucas! I regret the day I went on that stupid blind date with him! Now I am stuck in this bathroom with a lunatic! What am I going to do?

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