A Man Called Bishop

Bishop is the ideal man. The one a parent would be proud to address as son, a woman would love to call her king and a child would love to call father. But Bishop has secrets that hunt him and it's only a matter of time before it comes out.

The clear sky and cherry weather were among the features that made the ongoing food fair at St Ive's community a lively one. The aromatic smells of peppered sauces, sweet jungle rice, roasted tubers of yam, and sweet potatoes made one's mouth water. Everyone at Ives was having a swell time. It was an annual event that brought in visitors and those in the diaspora. Canopies were placed in the vast open field where various games and activities took place.

Maggie was busy serving out cool refreshing drinks to those who stopped by to quench their thirst and to have a taste of her popular tiger nut brew. Beside her, the jewel was at the food stand, dishing out food with such speed and accuracy that she almost felt jealous. If there was anything to be thankful for at St Ive's, it was for the likes of Jewel Bonds. Ever since she returned home four years ago, Jewel had proven to be more than a friend.

For the life of her, she couldn't believe that this bubbly spirit had twice as bad when it came to men; she was beautiful, the golden brown tone, almond-shaped eyes, that wild and thick mass of hair, and her impossible sense of humor. How could it be that she had been engaged three times!? And none of those men had the hurt to explain themselves. Maybe that was she was so drawn to her because of that inner strength, the strength to move and forge ahead; besides, there were still good, worthy men out there.

A shy smile hovered on her lips as a particular image came to mind. Intense look, a shy but sensual smile, and a heart of a child. A child's burst of laughter caught her ear, drawing her attention to a game of sack race; even though the entire day was full of activity, this came seemed to draw attention; perhaps it was because the object of her thoughts was participating. Bishop. The mere sight of him had her heart racing for dear life. He was gaining on the champion, the choirmaster of St. Ives catholic church, brother Steven. The rest of the racers either quit or were far behind because these two were in full throttle.

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