A Message To My Generation

I wished you (especially the young ones) could pay attention to this for your own good.

We are in a generation where many people crave a brighter future. Everyone wants to make it; therefore, we do all sorts of things to achieve our target. That's quite okay!•• But can you pay attention to a simple truth before you continue?•• We will continue pursuing our shadows if we fail to realize and embrace the way of the Supreme One_ the Almighty Yahweh, who is the ultimate of our dreams and goals.••

If you can't make Him your number one, you should be ready to run a fruitless race. This is where many get it wrong because we are now in a generation where we so much depend on our connections, certificates, technology, and strength.••Rick Warren once said: "We're made by God and for God, and until we understand that, life will never make sense".••Life begins to make sense the moment we realize that we are nothing without Him.••

What am I trying to say here? Let's put God first in all we do_ all our endeavors so that he directs our lives and leads us to even greater heights than we could imagine. He has a greater package for you only if you can acknowledge Him as your ultimate.••In your academics, in your career, in your business, in your ministry, in your health and all facets of life, put Him first, and you will never moan a regret.•• He is the Alpha and Omega! And who are you without Him?••••Eyes Have Not Seen 🕶️

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