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A Neglected Miracle Of Nature

"I do not like to drink water," is a common statement that can be heard among groups of people. But after air or oxygen, water is the next most important need of life, human or otherwise. This poem discusses various views of the water and the most important view of water. It encourages everyone to drink lots of water needed for life, whether one likes it or not. A need must not be Iiked.

Who are you, man? 
I am a miraculous collection of pockets
Pockets too tiny to be seen by naked eyes
Systematically crafted by the Almighty unseen Hand
Some pockets rounded, some stretched strings
Others soft, others hard
Pockets called cells
Filled up with a miraculous fluid
Water lives within pockets
Water bathes pockets
And flows within small tubes of pockets.
I am a miraculous creature
Made up of seventy percent miraculous stuff
Seventy percent water
Every function my pockets perform is water-linked
From breathing, digestion of food, excretion of wastes,
Movement, breakdown, and buildup of substances in my pockets
Tagged metabolism and catabolism,
Response to stimuli by neuronal pockets,
Talking, singing, dancing, sleeping,
Every activity and inactivity is water-enabled.
For the sake of well being
I remove a lot of water from me every day
Removed water escapes in the form of urine and sweat
Now can you project my fate when I start neglecting
The very essence of me, water?
When more water goes out and
Less water comes in as a replacement
The appetite for drinking water is quenched
And the body struggles under exertion of dehydration
Lack continues till the body develops ailments
Both mild and grave
Stomach and peptic ulcers,
Uncontrolled blood clots that yield a stroke
Accompanied by heart attacks
Lethargies, headaches, general un-wellness.
Then out of merciless ignorance
Not helped by half-baked medical care
I gulp in pill after pill
Worsening the dehydration further.
But for how wonderful this body was crafted
It would cave in easily
But it struggles on
Even letting me fulfill great feats in life
Like getting educated, pursuing a career
Starting and raising a family,
Laying great financial foundations for posterity;
While it struggles under the greatest burden
The worst burden a body can carry
The body cries out.
Give me water! Give me water!
Cries continually fall on deaf ears
And just enough water to keep struggling is given,
So the much-needed general well-being keeps eluding
The unwanted king sits enthroned
He reigns through life undisturbed, un-battled
He reigns and laughs heartily
Dragging the body, struggling, and kicking
Down the lane of un-wellness
That leads to an early grave.
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