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A New Era Timely Seasoned

A NEW ERA TIMELY SEASONED: A new era timely seasoned; an era to forsake dirtiness: To pursue the rights...

Elude begins with the call of them; I merely see they're coming to my aid.
The distance formed echoes their voices, imitating the wind splashed.
Around me, I crumple with the devastation of an unduly eagerness.
To satisfy myself in this regard, I have gone to a safe place to allay my distortion.
I could not overshadow their mirth as well as their cases.
Alone to be lonely that crept to be sinning with dirty moves onward.
A time for such a period I have not felt, nor do I think of it.
Ability to cast down fears to stop haunting me, but no options—the continuity remains.
Worship has no idea of its root; bedroom—my string keeps longing for dirties till it is satisfied.
My skull opened widely for nonsensical; I had no idea where it came from.
Total yielder to the insanity that has to do with deceived insanity for my portion.
For a pang of easiness, a sure bet or determination comes to being alive in me.
The spirit asks me, Is this you or someone else? It makes me remain epileptic.

Man has to pursue the dignity of above-the-sky gifts; it is ceaseless to identify the cost and to be under the subjection of prologue with the gift maker.
"I grab your expressions. I know the value that gives you the validity to shine on, to earnestly seek ahead of me. Countless times are being sprayed to emerge as a captive of the coin. What do you have is not gross to have what you do not possess. Being behind the circumstance never allows for a positive change".
A wide pursuit of leashing out the demands put on it. Man does not wish to be wrecked in it; it demands a positive change. Turn to look for a possible remedy for an amendment to show who is who. The voice proclaimed to the hearer another mindset.
"I have the glory to make known, though I'm too wholesome at all. To speak is to put you forth into diverse scenarios for obtaining. Young lives of you to welcome me here".
 Man's spirit was spiritless (out of control and context), which shows in the form of pursuit gave up.

I heard the howl of an unknown and isolated person whose gender was not disclosed.
Firstly, the voice has shaken together the whole rumble to see how to relish or trespass.
No one could see the voice maker, the majority in numbers, even the rescuers.
That I may find the depraved at the graveyard in the city of servitude.
Trial keeps going, and that needs to be fringed upon. No matter what, it should be spiritual, not physical.
To the being, wailing unconsciously, I had to leave my basement. Determined not to overlook the case, left to be fought by the seers.
They reprimanded the search bones, or more or less. What was the result all about?
To uncover the scary bag that claimed the ownership, the truth was: lust, loneliness, uncontrolled, lack of money, idleness, and helplessness are the traits of the unknown lad.
The saying spread disgustingly.
As soon as I heard of these, I could affirm that it was me.

My place of living is a desert of dry land, where no portion of seed can succeed in growing. The walking soldiers are restless; both are looking to survive the dry farmyard land. Firms and the gathering of the people stand in lament over the course of the period of the wrecked water spring that fails to pull out. Reckless and weary land, teary the minds of the workaholics, including the onlookers, seemingly to defend their loved ones out of the stake.
We are trapped on the right side, the right side of the dry land to majorly look into the far away country. At dusk, the fore viewers come to our concern to help the people from staging retrogression. This is my resolution from drowning in the midst of life's entirety:
Never again will it happen because of the critiques that set me up for chaos. I heard of the joyful, silent, tizzy string oozing inside of me that is preparing for a new, fresh era entitled Imaginations; roll over to the process of now to start experiencing the bountiful harvest we yearn for. I have a little time to feel it, as it has to be part of me forever.
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