A Night With Her

A beautiful night I should call it, a night I never expected could come so easily. "Chris, can you please come over? I would be grateful if you did".

The message appeared to be almost unbelievable. I had to read through each word painstakingly to ensure she was not only pulling my legs. During our secondary school days, I had always wanted to sit beside her my life, to gaze at her angelic look and feel the overwhelming warmth from her sassy body.

However, she always appeared to be surrounded by walls, so I never had the courage to exchange words with her, let alone of building a friendship. All of a sudden, I eavesdropped when one of her friends was telling another about her relocation to Ogun state. It was the saddest information I had ever heard. "Oh! Damn it, at least I should have made my intention known to her before she left". I snapped myself with loads of disappointment written all over my face.

Although my intention was not to ask her out, in fact, it was against my religion's belief at that particular point in time. All I wanted was a strong desire to confess my admiration for her character, beauty, and quiet nature. It was very difficult for me to stop thinking about her after she relocated. I was rest assured I was not ever going to meet a lady as virtuous as she was. But as fate would have it, after some few years, we met again in the university, and what thrilled me most was that our hostels were in close proximity. " This is wonderful, so this is you?". I asked excitedly. "Yes, it is nice meeting you again, Chris." She replied with a complimentary smile. "All the pleasure is mine." I was tempted to hug her tightly and never to let go.

We exchanged contacts, and I promised to give her a call before dusk. She looked more angelic than I had ever thought; all about her was glittering like that of a morning star. When I got to my hostel, I did not hesitate to discuss the fantastic scenario with some of my roommates. "Chris, Chris, don't tell us she is not your girlfriend." One of them stylishly reacted. "You should know I'm a Reverend Father to be; I don't keep girls" I defended my decency. "Oh, I see." Bello, the tallest guy not only in my room but in the whole of hall five hostels, mumbled.

People have always known me to be a pastor in view of my God-fearing attitude and meekness. And I was into the adventure of living up to their expectation, I never for once had the course to betray the trust they had for me, and they always could count on me. So I hardly keep female friends. But then, after meeting with her again, I couldn't still help but battle with the emotional feelings I had for her to the extent that her thoughts alone became a heavy load upon my chest.

On that beautiful morning, I saw her message; at first, I was so elated that the message was coming from her, and when I came to realize what the message entailed, I jumped in excitement like one who had won a multimillion contract. I didn't even ask the reason why she requested that I come over. I kept on checking the time and was so nervous that the time appeared to be slower in the minute; afterward, I began to prepare what topic I was supposed to discuss on getting to her place. Although we agreed to meet in the night class by 8 pm, I couldn't just wait, so I got there before 7 pm, waiting for her to come.

"Oh! Chris, I'm sorry for keeping you waiting; I never knew you would come early enough". She apologized with her mesmerizing eyes meeting with my helpless own. "It is never an issue, some friends are scheduled to be here by 7 pm, so I decided to come with them". Even when I came alone, I had to lie to hide my nervousness. "Oh, Alright then, I called you because I know you're a scholar, so I realized you're the friend in the right position who could explain this "electromagnetic induction" for me; I have been having difficultly understanding the topic. I hope you would help, Chris". She besought.

Fortunate enough, it was the same topic I finished reading early that day in the morning before I saw her message. "Uhmm, I am not a scholar anyways, but I will try my utmost to explain this better." Even if I hadn't read the topic, I wouldn't have disagreed. On hearing my positive response, she was elated that she unconsciously grinned and, which revealed her dentition; her teeth were as white as snow, with no stains, each tooth was arranged parallel with one another along the periodontal cavity. "God must have spent a lot of years setting only those teeth." I thought to myself. She brought out the physics textbook; I ensured I explained carefully as much as possible so that she could grab what the topic was all about. After the explanation, I was more fulfilled when she was able to solve all the exercises.

"She got a beautiful brain again." I marveled at how completely she had been endowed. I wished that night could stay forever; staring at her captivating look alone made me feel whole and safe. Right there, I felt she could bear me a daughter who would look exactly like her. I was tempted to touch her cheeks, hold her by her hands and ask her to be my own. I continued in that state of ecstasy, and before she could say thank you, I crossed her lips with my forefinger. Then I told her, "I love you." No sooner had I finished saying the last word than a raw slap landed heavily on my cheek. "What is it, Mama?" I jumped from the bed, holding my hurt cheek. "You're barely 18 years of age, and you're already loving someone in your dream, aah life don spoil oo". Mama began to laugh in mockery of me.


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