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A Review On Mary's Pregnancy In The Bible

Just what it would be like for Mary, the mother of Jesus, if she got pregnant in this current day and time

I can't even imagine what Mary felt when Angel Gabriel told her that she'd conceive a child. I bet she had fainted after hearing the "good news," Which was bad news to her. What would she tell her husband? What would her parents say? 

I've never had sexual intercourse with anyone before. Will I now tell my husband that it was an angel that said I'll conceive? She thought to herself. Days turned into weeks; she stopped seeing her period, and she started having morning sickness accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Joseph began to notice her condition; her stomach looked like it was protruding.

"Honey, are you okay? You've been looking all pale for a week now. Should we go to the doctor"? He asked. "No, no, no, don't worry, JoJo, I'm fine; there's no need to see the doctor," She replied. He went to work the following day and told his colleague what had come down with his wife. "Oga Jo, e be like say your wife don carry belle o, because that na the signs and symptoms of belle, the colleague said. "Abeg, comot jare, my wife na virgin how she want take get belle when we never do. Alaye getat! Joseph responded. "Me I just dey tell you wetin dey ne," His colleague added.

After work that day, on his way home. He thought about how on earth his wife would be pregnant, based on what na! Or has she been sleeping around? Kai, Mary can't do that; she wouldn't dare; I know her; she's a God-fearing person, and so are her parents; she exhibits a flawless character. He knew all of what his colleague said about the signs of pregnancy. It just doesn't add up. If I confront her and ask her if she is pregnant, it'll be like I don't trust her anymore, and it might become a puzzling circumstance. He finally arrived home; as usual, Mary was in the kitchen, and he could smell the sweet aroma in the air. He dropped his tool bag and went straight to the kitchen.

"Hey, love, how are you?" He asked as he gave her a kiss on the neck. Ah! Ah! I'm I late again this one she didn't answer me, he said to himself. C'mon talk to me, babe; what are you wearing like this? What's with the wrapper? It's not cold, na. She took a deep breath and turned to face him, and said with watery eyes, "Jojo, we need to talk, but first, I want to show you something." "I hope all is well"? He asked. She let down her wrapper, and Joseph saw that her stomach was even bigger, is that a baby bump? He stared at it, looking all confused. "I'm pregnant, Jojo" She burst out in tears. "You're what? Wait, wait! Did I just hear you say pregnant? He asked furiously. She nodded in the yes manner. "For who? I've never seen you naked talk more of even getting you Pregnant! Mary! Mary!!.. You must be joking, right?

"How did this even happen"? Oh, oh, so I'll go out for work early in the morning, and you'll go about having fun, shey? I'll come home with blisters on my fingers after hitting so many nails; I'll overwork myself, stay late at work just so I could put food on the table, and this is how you repay me"? Unbelievable! "I'm sorry, but it wasn't my fault. I barely go out, only when I have choir practice or there's midweek service," She said, sobbing.

"And that's the time you go about, the time you use in doing your runs, abi? Oshey, sharp woman, he said sarcastically, "I will never lie to you, my love, I will never cheat; I wasn't brought up in that manner; the Angel of God appeared to me and said I'll conceive of a son, I didn't do anything, I swear!". She said while wiping her tears. "Angel? Haba Mary, you ma dey fear God, even if na small. He replied

"I don't even know what to say again; this is just too much to swallow. First thing tomorrow morning, you're leaving my house; I'm a nobleman, I no get Wahala. You will not come and tarnish my image for me. Abeg, my life is already as hard as it is. You'll go back to your parent's house, let them see the kind of person they trained; I'll collect my dowry, and that's it. Not too much noise there". "Please, Please, Joseph, I beg you in the name of God, don't send me back; you know I can never hurt you, not in a million years." Joseph, please, she begged as he walked out of the kitchen.

(I'm very sure the neighbors had eavesdropped and overheard their intense conversations). (Mary had slept that night bittered, she soaked her pillow with tears, her husband didn't sleep in the same bed as her, because who'd want to sleep with an adulteress on the same bed. Obviously not me. (That night, Joseph kept imagining the whole scenario.)

"I still can't believe she said an "Angel" since when do Angels have coitus?. Wow! she must've really thought I was a fool to fall for such cock and bull story." (Now, Mary would be going to church or choir practice and all those good for nothing neighbors in her street would be like "Ehhhhhhe! Hmm sister Mary don go carry belle wey nor be her husband own, she sabi form holy, holy, set awon "holier than thou" na dem commit sin pass.Tufiakwa!)

©Kevin Shinjiro

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