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A Shared Friendship

Ola and Mary have been friends for a while, but as teenage feelings get in into the mix, will they evolve into something more or is their friendship hitting the rocks?

Mary's heart skipped a beat as she walked towards Ola's house. The last time they saw each other, on the last day of secondary school, he had promised to keep in touch. Three years later, they still talked nearly every day.

The plan to visit him had sprung up on their nightly phone calls. "It's been too long, Ola. I'll come and visit you." "I'm in school o. You want to come to Kano State?" He laughed as he said this, knowing how much his best friend feared the North. "No, na. When's your holiday?" It wasn't the first time they were planning this, but something always happened. A sudden exam, family issues, or financial difficulties, their visits were always postponed.

This time, however, it worked. Two weeks later, Mary stood in front of Ola's gate, her mind a mix of excitement and nervousness. The gate opened on her third knock, her best friend's smiling face greeting her. "Ola!" "Mary!" They hugged tightly, neither wanting to let go first. Finally, the dog in the compound barked, and they released each other. "See you o. You even grew taller. It's not fair o." "You don't look this fair on video calls. Did you rub bleaching cream before you came?"

Their banter continued until they entered the house where Mary would be spending a week. Luckily for them, Ola stayed off-campus so they had all the freedom. As the days passed, Mary realized that her feelings for Ola had grown deeper than just friendship. Every conversation, every playful fight, and every glance made Mary's heart worry. She didn't want to ruin their friendship over romantic feelings, but she found herself longing for his presence. Every time he went out, she sulked till his scent filled her nose again.

On their last night together, she finally found the courage to speak up. "I like you, Ola. More than a friend," she paused to look at his face, but there was no light, so she boldly continued, "I don't know when it started, but I just know that I always want to see you and hear your voice." Ola's eyes shone with surprise and curiosity. After a moment, he smiled and hugged his best friend. "Thank God."

The tension in Mary's shoulders lessened. "Ahn ahn. What do you mean?" "I like you too. I'm sha wondering how you didn't notice." She laughed out. "How?" Ola just shrugged and put his hands over her. "So...will you be my girlfriend?" Mary pretended to think. "I'll think about it." Playing along, Ola asked with a quiet voice. "Oya, at least give me your number." "No. I don't give my number out like that. I'll call you instead." The both of them laughed for a while before Ola drew her close and sighed. "I'm glad this didn't ruin our friendship." "Me too."


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