A Silly Call

Intelligent but funny way to handle a scam...The aggressive vibration of my phone jerked me up from a very deep sleep I never had for a long period of time due to the numerous errands I had.

While my eyes were slightly opened, I realized I was hissing continuously out of frustration before checking the phone screen to know who was calling. As much as True Caller can be so useful, it can also mislead in a way. The name I saw on the screen was "God's Grace", I cleaned my eyes properly to confirm if I was seeing correctly. I hesitantly answered the call and patiently waited to hear a voice.

"Good morning, Mr. Tomiwa, This is Larry from Goldberg Industries." The man's voice was indeed captivating. "Yeah, good morning," I answered. "I am to inform you about the pool you sometimes played last week via the number of Goldberg bottles you consumed. You have been selected as the winner of a whopping three million naira. Congratulations." I could tell he said all that with a smile on his face.

My heart skipped a beat after I heard that. I almost jumped with excitement; then I immediately remembered I didn't drink. "How the heck was I able to consume alcohol I don't take and become a winner of an imaginary pool I never played?" I thought to myself. Then it dawned on me that I was being played by a scammer. The true caller decided to name his number "God's Grace.", Can you imagine such audacity? I decided to play along.

"Oh! Really? At last, I won. I've been trying for several years, and I never knew I would pull through eventually. Thank you so much." "You are welcome, Mr. Tomiwa. There is something very important you will need to do to have access to your winnings. I scoffed silently as I patiently waited for the ridiculous words he was about to spill."Sir, you will need to send the sum of twenty thousand nairas to the company's account to make some important arrangements and to legalize the disbursement of the winning into your account," he explained in a very intelligent way, but when a man's foolishness is projected by the wisdom he thinks he has, he becomes a laughing stock.

"Oh! Really? I thought that should be handled by your company," I answered. "It has been a protocol, and this is the best way to address it to avoid complications, so I will send you the account number with your winning code so you can pay in immediately. The winning can be forfeited if the necessary arrangements are not made as soon as possible, and it would break my heart to see you lose such an opportunity." He tried to convince me intelligently, but the desperation was beginning to show.

I sighed quietly and responded. "You can simply remove the #20,000 from my winnings; in fact, you can remove the #100,000 and send the remaining to me, or can't that work?" I asked, knowing that might make him feel impatient and angry. "Not at all, sir; it cannot be done that way. But since you really are interested in getting your money, I can help you with #5000, and you can simply send in the remaining #15,000." This time, he knew he had messed up.

"Oh great, but my name will need to reflect on the transaction, which means the amount needs to be tallied. So you will have to send me the #5000, and then I will send it all in at once". "What! See this madman o. You think say you fit outsmart me, eh? No, be your fault at all; na me call bad market, nonsense! The guy angrily ended the call. I laughed so hysterically, and I was indeed glad I received such a call because I needed that laugh. This could be a funny experience, but it is important to know that the desperation of a man to have something can be a breeding ground for others to take advantage of. If you are desperate to win, you will always become a pawn in the schemes of scammers. Watch out!


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