A Slight Misunderstanding

A few mind numbing names thrown at someone would make you feel better, wouldn't it but how about if it was all a misunderstanding? What would be your reaction?

Though relatively bright and warming, the day was quite the opposite. The campus was welcoming and serene after students woke up from sleep, each and every one of them trying to get ready for the new day. Tired red eyes from deep sleepless slumber and tired limbs dragged from each bed in every hostel; the students don't dare protest. The overwhelming strike was too much of a protest from the grumbling ASUUs; they didn't want to drag their voices, maybe to throw fuel into the already raging fire.

Exams, assignments, projects, and whatnot await them, even if they do protest. One by one, they each trooped into the dirty bathrooms the school claimed they worked on to improve the student's environment. With the doors flung wide open to expose an outline of the female's body, the males quietly took their bath after throwing an exchange of words at the tap, overthrowing the other to see who would fetch water from the tap.

After the daily hostel activities, they picked up their bags lazily and walked to their various classes noting the presence of buses and taxis but unable to afford them. In this way, a few final-year students of nutrition and dietetics trudged their way to school from their various hostels and flats outside school. They didn't have to complain. This was their last semester in this godforsaken school. Goodbye to the annoying, overbearing, I-too-know teachers that would ignore the slight age gap and discipline them; goodbye to those white gowns, secondary school shirts, and sky-blue old school trousers. They would never see them again. They would burn them while they sign out; four days don waka, that old saying. They would make their way in the world, holding bundles of cash for their alma mater teachers to look at. They would roll in jeeps and shine their teeth toward those that wanted to fail them. It would be like that saying, you don't know the future, as if mocking the teacher.

"You shouldn't have failed me.", they seem to be saying, but that would be another talk for another day. For now, they would have to trudge from the comfort of their beds to an even more uncomfortable arena. One by one, they trooped into their classroom, each holding a blue file or a torn, stapled bunch of paper. But just as suddenly, even before they could settle down properly, a group of boys with broken tree branches held in their hands stormed the building, ordering the students out of the halls. What a drastic change to the weather!

Various students picked up their bags and books and left the hall in a hurry. Some left their phones, and others couldn't take their books. Outside, the curious students in white mingled among themselves, complaining and asking themselves why they deserved this humiliation. The females complained about the turn of events and how their fellow students had no manners. The hoodlums, like those in white called them, had broken into the quiet and serene environment of Home Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, threatened to beat every student who lingered behind, trying to lock the door and failing and eventually, getting into a fight with a boy in white.

The hoodlums, who were later identified as students under the faculty of agriculture, had posted information on the notice board notifying students to cancel their classes in the next two days. They were told that they had to honor their president, the president who had died a few months ago during the strike. They were also told to wear black to signify mourning. Every department adhered to this information except the evil and ungrateful nutrition and dietetics. They had all agreed to chase that nuisance department into the streets and announce to the whole world how devilish and stupid they were.

Those in white were thrown into a state of confusion as they were dragged out of their various classrooms and into the streets in humiliation. In their defense, they hadn't been told about the problematic event. They only wanted to graduate and live large outside the school campus, but those nuisance agric students wouldn't let them. This brought in a fight between the white and those measly black agric students, the famous black and white stories of Jesus and the Devil fighting during a rainstorm.

The white demanded an apology, but the black insisted that they didn't have to apologize. They deserve it; they seem to be saying. Various phones and i-pads were seen on top of people's heads like cameras, viewing but capturing the moment. Maturity is one value those two couldn't throw away. Taking up the stick of maturity, they decided to apologize, but the whites did not have it.

"Apologize to everyone!" they seem to be saying, "Write an apology letter to every lecturer you wronged. Apologize to every student that you wronged." A bystander would think it was a political rally ongoing. Those distraught people are screaming at the higher-ups for stealing the national money and holding up their appointed candidate in the air. He's the one, they would say. The appointed candidate, in this case, was an apology the white would want the blacks to issue to them. With that, the blacks left the threshold of the department, and all returned to how it once was.

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