A Thousand Betrayal -2

Bode came back in the evening and rushed upstairs. I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and so I pretended I didn't hear him rush in.

A few minutes later, he came into the kitchen. "You didn't hear me walk in?" He asked as he opened the fridge to take a bottle of water. I feigned ignorance. "Oh. I didn't. When did you arrive?" I asked. He gulped the water noisily and threw the can at me. I dodged it. " You're not to ask me silly questions. Serve my meal, woman!" He ordered and walked out of the kitchen. I stood still watching his back till he was out of sight. What effrontery! He could even ask for his meal. And he had the guts to stone me with his can like I was the wastebin. I pushed my tears in and turned to the cooker. I wouldn't cry for Bode. Never!

I served the meal carefully and put it on the dining table. "The food is on the table," I shouted and walked Into the kitchen to serve mine. I heard him draw a chair and sit. As I walked out of the kitchen with mine, he screamed my name. The plate of food almost fell off my hand. "Why would you serve me with only two meats?" He asked, staring daggers at me. I dropped my plate on the dining table and held my spoon for self-defense in case he lunged at me. 

"Nothing. I thought two was supposed to be enough," I carefully said, avoiding his gaze. " Really? Oh, really?" He asked, "I could go and get you- I wasn't expecting it. He threw the plate towards me, and food covered my entire face and chest while the plate flew over me and fell on the tiled floor. "You're stup*d. You're very $tup*d!" He said and whirled the open can of water towards me. The water splashed everywhere, including on my body and face. I remained motionless, too shocked to say anything. "I would leave this house for you. You can't k*ll me before my time." He said and ran upstairs. I sat there till he came down wearing a polo and a jean. He picked up his car keys and headed out.

Immediately after I heard his car leave the compound, I burst into tears. I was suffering in my own marriage, and there was no one I could cry to for help. I cried the more as I remembered my late Mother's words the day Bode had come to introduce himself to her. When he left, she had sat me down. "I feel you shouldn't marry this man. Money isn't everything." I remembered disagreeing with her. Love had blinded my eyes and blocked my sense of reasoning then. I looked down at my white robe, stained and wet, and Mama's words rang in my head again.


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