A Twist Of Events

Sometimes, the people who appear as saints and the actual devils... The first time I came across Amara was the day I came out of my lodge to fetch water in our reservoir. The Power Holding Company had disappointed us again and the tap in our rooms was no longer running.

"Good morning Amara," I greeted her as I turned on the tap in our reservoir to fill up my small bucket. She looked at me but didn't say a word. I felt sad; I didn't like the fact that she didn't welcome me well, even when she knew I was new here in the lodge. She was holding a notebook in her right hand. The notebook looked so pretty. It had feminine designs on it, and the color was pink. It had a hook on the front cover and looked like it needed a key to open it. I instantly fell in love with the notebook. " Jane, please stop wasting the water," our security man Gabriel called out. 

I looked down at my bucket of water and quickly locked the tap. I was so carried away that I didn't notice my overflowing water. "I am sorry, Gabriel. " I replied as I raised my bucket to my head. Gabriel walked toward Amara and squeezed some money into her hands. Amara threw the money to the floor sharply, but Gabriel forced it into her hands again. Then suddenly, Gabriel walked away. Amara remained there, staring at the money in her hands. Even though I was curious as to what was going on, I didn't want to poke my nose, so I left the scene and went straight to my room to do my dishes and make my Egusi soup. That night, the lodge was unnecessarily calm and cool. There was no noise blaring from the loudspeakers of the other lodge mates. No lengthy discussions from the couple next door.

Everywhere was silent and peaceful. It was so unusual. I was already feeling sleepy when I heard a loud knock on my door. The knock was that of urgency, and I was immediately thrown into confusion. Who could it be? A thief? I was so scared that I had to crawl under my reading table. But the knock was unceasing. Each was a little louder than the previous. I summoned up courage and slowly opened my door. Standing before me was Amara. She was in tears, and her clothes were torn. Slowly she gave me a little key. " Keep it safe," she stressed as she quickly ran off. I closed my door immediately. I was scared because it was very late at night. I clutched the key and slowly closed my eyes to sleep.

The next morning came so quickly. I woke up in an awkward position, and immediately, last night's scene flashed through my mind. I stared at my right hand and saw the key there. So it was real. I changed from my nightwear into something appropriate to wear outside. I put the key in my right pocket and wore my fluffy slippers. Then I opened my door to step out. I wanted to go purchase "AKPU" to eat with my Egusi Soup I made last night. The scene I walked into was quite disturbing. Police Van and an ambulance van were packed in our compound. I walked up to Gabriel, our security man. "What happened? Was our lodge attacked last night?". I asked, concerned. Gabriel replied slowly as if in a bid to count his words. " Amara committed suicide last night." He said. I was immediately thrown into surprise. Suicide?? What could have been her reason for doing so? I took the short stairs and walked the distance to her room. Her body was still dangling from the ceiling fan she had hung herself in. 

An elderly woman, whom I presume was her mother, sat on the floor crying. She was consoled by the rest of our lodge mates. My eyes suddenly caught sight of Amara's pink book. I picked it up and went straight to my room. Carefully hid it to make sure the police officers didn't see me taking it. I took it to my room and tried to unlock it with the key Amara gave to me, and Yes. The key unlocked her notebook! I opened the first page and started reading: It read; 

¶ Dear Dairy, 01|02|2014  I have committed a grave mistake. I have put my parents to shame with my actions, and I am deeply sorry. I am pregnant with Gabriel's child even as a first-year student at the University.¶

¶ Dear Dairy, 02|03|2014 Gabriel doesn't want me to keep his child. He wants me to abort the baby, but I can't. I am in danger; Gabriel is after my life because of this!

¶This date was yesterday. Could it be that Gabriel is responsible for Amara's Death? Well, no one will ever find out, I thought as I tore the last page. This was what Gabriel had paid me for a day before. To cover all his devilish traces. I am sorry, Amara. But I did it to save my life because I am currently pregnant with Gabriel's child.

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