A Woman Can Have It All!

A woman has so many things in life militating against her growth and development, but with adequate supply of resources and loving support, she can go beyond normal.

Everyone created on earth has goals, visions and aspirations that he or she aspires to achieve one day.
Male, Female, Boy, Girl, Young, Old...
Nobody stops dreaming.

Women also dream
They have set goals

Other items that go along with their growth step in once in a while like puberty, education, career, marriage, motherhood, etc.

It is not a woman's fault that these things SLIDE into her life as much as she permits them to.

Why should these items FRUSTRATE her goals and aspirations in life???

There are many things we can do as a whole to ensure that women maximise their God-given potentials.

Help her alleviate her issues
Care for her
Ask how she is doing
Offer a helping hand to cushion her activities
Take some tasks off her completely
Pray for her
Encourage her
Give her some time off
Encourage her to have me-time by herself
Sponsor her financially as much as you can
Give her space to refresh and renew

She can get a trustworthy caregiver to help her with her kids momentarily while she quickly pursue some of her goals
Give her ample time to quickly attend to her goals while someone helps out with what she has to do.
Consider sacrificing for her in desperate moments she will need assistance.
Try to help her set up concrete plans to achieve her goals.
Set aside some funds deliberately to help her achieve her goals.
Monitor her from time to time to see how far she has gone on the journey of reaching her goals.
Making the homefront peaceful and stress-free for her to have a haven to come back to.

These and many more sacrifices are what we can all do to make our women really HAPPY and FULFILLED while all these other items of life pop into their set timetable.

If a woman CHOOSES to stay home and nurture her home to maturity before she ventures out to attain her goals, it is all well and good, there shouldn't be any SHAME in that..this is because such women will reap the fruits of their nurture in bountiful folds when they see their children succeed before their very eyes....it will not be a time wasted.

If a woman CHOOSES to pursue her goals as well as keep her home front running, it should be her choice and there shouldn't be any blame or guilt in it because IT IS HER CHOICE too.

WOMEN have a lot to offer the world if we all try to see what they want to achieve and help them reach that mountain top with every resource at our disposal.

This will make us see more women performing worthy feats because seeds of greatness has been planted inside everyone of us..... 

both Male and Female!!!

You are made of MORE
Seek balance
Seek self-care
Give your best
Maximise your potential
Do not settle for less
There is a greatness on your inside
Reach down into it
Search for it diligently 
Be the best you were DESIGNED TO BE!!

Please NOTE:
Unforeseen situations or circumstances may come to derail your plans
If you set your eyes like a flint
And keep your eyes on the prize
And you are determined
ONE DAY.....GRACE will come your way
And doors of your opportunities will open up
Make sure you are at alert
Make sure you are ready

GREATNESS awaits you,
On the other side of NORMAL.
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