Abba Father

I've been running without legs; Tracking the road of destiny; I've been shouting for forgiveness; But my mistakes never fade away;

I've been running without legs
Tracking the road of destiny.
I've been shouting for forgiveness
But my mistakes never fade away.
Creamy waters jog down my cheek,
Life keeps playing the strings of my heart
Nobody could see my pains,
And sing me a consolation song.

My spirit cries Abba father,
Maybe the heaven's ear could listen to my pleas
And accept the fragrance of my groaning.
Although, I lost the way back home.
I danced to the rhythm of grimy sins.
My past keeps clapping at my back
To amend my grave deeds.
I became a wind without direction,
Even my tears spread like a river without a source.
But my prayers will keep chasing after your divine reply,
Until your resurrection gives me a new life.
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