Abracadabra The More You Look.....

ABRACADABRA the more you look: Stop obstructing my vision am watching Television...

Nine-year-old Cindy stared anxiously at her father. He had just bought a hunchback Television into the house, and she stared in excitement as he plugged in the television and adjusted the antenna instantly; the Black and white pictures came to life. Yippee!!! She screamed in ecstasy. I can see people moving; Cindy's dad screamed aloud. Then hours rolled into days, days into weeks, weeks rolled into months. Till it was almost six months, Cindy's new hobby was sitting in front of the television with about 26 other eyes of her neighbor's children Same age bracket as her Watching the white man movie.

Occasionally a child will walk past the television to get a drink of water or Urinate after exhausting every effort to hoard the thirst or urine; then that cool evening, she felt a figure behind her Her Father's voice made her get chills especially when he was serious and needed to pass an important message Just then he said Cindy, my Jewel that cannot be haggled down Can your Theatre customers excuse us? With just one hard look, the other children understood her message and scampered away, saying good night reluctantly. Mr. Bako handed the white sheet in his hand to his child.

She opened it, and tears welled up and dropped on the sheet. The position was clear 7th. She looked really closely. There must be a mistake somewhere, she thought. Maybe the Teacher wanted to write one and mistakenly wrote seven, but the "st" and "th" are not homogeneous. Cindy; Her father's voice jolted her back to reality. Read the Classteacher's comment, "Cindy has never gone backward like this " Read it aloud, her father requested, and she obeyed with a shaky voice. It was very unbelievable that the Smartest kid in the whole community dropped from her elated position.

Mr. Bako looked at his daughter and said," If you cannot hinder yourself from getting distracted by the this you see, and if you let this television blur your vision I provision for your future, then you will have to be termed as the unwise," and with this words, Mr. Bako took the television from the sitting room and resold it at Okon Classy electronic shop And seeing no white movies anymore Cindy became more serious than before and made her the Single Dad who is her Father proud once more bypassing the Common Entrance Examination which isn't common.

The above is more of reality than fiction cause most people who give others things to watch on television Hardly watch it themselves. Men who grow and work on themselves ignore frivolities. And seeing Great people who have a vision, they tend to deposit more on themselves and others by physical actions and more intentional abilities instead of spending valuable time with things of less benefit And about Cindy, She Is a present-day Newscaster, writer, and million watch her And watching the white man movies Is simply a play in the park now.

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