Ada My Twin Sister

Ada my twin sister is suddenly pregnant. How come? She's just fifteen. Who is responsible for the pregnancy? Who could do such to a child?

"Ada, who is the father of the baby?" Mama shouted angrily as Ada, who was kneeling and crying profusely. The loudness of mama's voice had woken me up from the ground where I was taking a nap. It was already dark, and papa will soon be back; Ada was supposed to be cooking dinner, or else papa will be mad at her again. I cannot save her this time. Ada kept on crying, and I wondered what all of this was about. Which baby? Mama suddenly slapped her across the face, and that wiped off sleep from my eyes as I hurried to the scene. "Mama, what's going on?" I inquired. "My son, could you believe what this useless girl you call sister has done? She has finally brought shame to this family," mama wailed sadly. "mama, what did she do?" "my son, your sister has ruined this family. I found her vomiting in the backyard, and I questioned her about it. Your twin sister is pregnant, my son," she continued wailing bitterly. "Pregnant!!!" I exclaimed. I turned to look at Ada, who was still kneeling and crying. How can she be pregnant? She is just fifteen.

"Yes, Ebuka, and she has refused to tell me who the father of the child is; I will get it out of her by force" mama immediately went outside and returned with one leg of her bathroom slippers; she didn't waste any time as she proceeded to beat Ada with it. I stood there transfixed as mama continued to hit her, every hit was followed by screams and cries from Ada, but it all fell on deaf ears as mama did not stop. I didn't know what to do, I knew Ada was in deep trouble, and I was simply too shocked about the revelation. Who could be the father of the baby? The sound of papa's bike was heard outside, and mama stopped her assault on Ada. As papa walked into the house, I visibly stiffened, and I could see the color drain from Ada's face. Papa was a no-nonsense man, and I knew how harsh his beatings were; Ada was done for.

"What's going on, mama twins? I could hear your voice and Ada's screaming a mile away" "Nnayi (my husband), your daughter has done the worst today. Ah! Ada has brought disgrace upon us," mama lamented. Papa turned to Ada, "what did you do, Ada?" Ada continued kneeling quietly with tear-stained cheeks and bowed head. "Your daughter is pregnant," mama answered for her. "What?" Papa had a scared expression that disappeared in a second and was replaced immediately with shock. An observant person couldn't have missed it. I didn't. "Did she say who the father is?" Papa asked. I could note the fear in his voice. Why is he scared? "No, she refused to speak," mama replied irritatedly. She was too angry to be observant. "Mama I..." Ada's cracked voice was suddenly heard, but before she could speak fully, papa rushed to give her a dirty slap. "You shameless girl, what have you done?" Papa cried out. He whipped out his belt from his trousers and started whipping her anywhere the leather belt could reach. Another round of Ada's screams and cries were heard throughout the whole house, and I bet our neighbors could hear it too.

At some point, I couldn't watch, so I left the living room and went outside to think. Some of our neighbors were outside looking and talking, but no one came forward to ask what the problem was. They knew how my dad disciplined children and knew better than to intervene. I walked past them solemnly, and along the way, I saw Kunle, the NYSC corper, our teacher in the school, and our neighbor. Once our eyes met, I could see the fear in them and the distraught way he kept looking at our house. Kunle is Ada's boyfriend. I would know; I'm her twin brother. I always see them during school breaks hanging out and notice when Ada sneaks out of the house to see him at night. I had even confronted her once when I caught them kissing by the school restroom; she admitted he was her boyfriend and told me to mind my business. She threatened me to seal my lips if I didn't want her to report to our parents my addiction to porn. And, of course, I kept my mouth shut. Could he be responsible for her pregnancy?

I spent a while outside till I couldn't hear their screams of Ada anymore. I returned back home and decided to follow them back instead just to avoid papa and mama. As I approached the back door, I heard hushed voices from two people. I recognized them as mama and Ada. I tiptoed closer till I could hear them. "Mama, what if you are responsible for my pregnancy?" Ada asked. "shut up, you this stupid child. Mama said sharply. Don't you know that it's only a man that can make a girl pregnant? Am I a man? Stop talking foolishly. Whatever we did cannot get you pregnant, so better start spitting out who is responsible for that thing in your stomach," she hissed and walked into the house. What did mama and Ada do? I was not dumb to not have a guess of what they were talking about. But mama and Ada? It doesn't make any sense. 

While still standing there in confusion, I suddenly heard footsteps coming out of the house. Was mama back? I took a little peep, and I saw it was papa. What is he doing here? "Ada, who is responsible for this?" Papa whispered. There was a little silence, then Ada tried to speak, but papa cut her off, "you better watch what you say next, you this wretched child. I am not responsible for this bastard you carry in you. If I hear you utter my name as the father, I will make sure to kill you with my bare hands," papa warned. "but you..." Ada started to say, but then she winced in pain. I peeped to see that papa had squeezed her mouth harshly. "I may have slept with you, but I am not the father of this trash. I don't want to hear my name in your mouth, or else you would regret the day you were born after I'm done with you" papa pushed her harshly and walked into the house. Papa and Ada? Could this get any more complicated? Is papa the father of her child?

I couldn't formulate words for what I had just heard in the past few minutes. I stood there for a while and listened to Ada's quiet sobs. I didn't even know if I should feel sorry for her or angry that she brought herself into this mess. We were really close, and I couldn't help but feel guilty that I could have done better. She was always wearing indecent outfits and always around boys, but I never said anything about it, and now that I thought about it, I remember some occasions I had seen her come out of papa's room or mama sending me away on an errand leaving both of them alone at home. I never thought much about it then, but now...I sighed and finally came out of hiding. Before entering the house, I turned and looked at Ada. Our eyes met, and I saw her sadness and pain. She looked miserable with the bruises that were scattered around her body and almost shredded clothes. 

Maybe I should have spoken to her or tried to sympathize. I should have because that was the last time I saw her. The next morning, Ada was dead. She had taken an overdose and sniper mix and died with a piece of paper on her belly that read "you are responsible." I saw her dead body first, and I knew that that gruesome image had been engraved on my mind and with continuing to haunt me. Mama and papa buried her and grieved over her for a while. While they moved on, I was getting angry as days went by. I felt the need to avenge her. I wanted to punish all those who used her and assaulted her. If she is dead, then they should be dead too. I started looking for clues to know who was responsible for my twin sister's pregnancy. There was not much to look at as she never left any hints. All I knew was it was either papa or Kunle. I searched her things till I found a little diary with a lock.

I was able to break it open, and what I read shocked me to the bones. I saw everything. I read every atrocity my very own parents had done to their child, their flesh and blood. I also read how Kunle had raped her. I couldn't even continue to the end of the book. I was devastated and enraged. I was already itching for what I planned to do next. Revenge and death. In the wee hours of the morning the next day, the parents of Ada and Ebuka bled out to death after being stabbed repeatedly in their sleep. There was an overdose of sleeping tablets found in their system as well. The police met a crying 15year old boy mourning their death. They could never suspect a thing. The next day mourning neighbors found a defaced Kunle in his apartment. Who could have killed him?

Weeks of police and investigations passed, and I was taken by one of my aunties to live with them. And after so many years later, I decided to read Ada's diary to the end. I had kept it with me for so long. I thought it was finally time to throw it out after ten years. The remaining parts were like this: February 14th, 2008, valentine's school party. After the main school party, our class decided to host a secret night party at Osato's house. Her parents are always busy with work, so they are barely at home. The party was razz; Victor somehow sneaked in alcohol and some stuff. I don't know where he got it, but everyone knew it probably wasn't legal. We didn't care because we wanted to explore. I had dragged Ebuka to follow me too. He was always indoors, and those stupid porn videos were clawing his life away; he needed to taste the real stuff. Anyway, we partied senseless that night. We drank, smoked, and did drugs. It was a crazy night. Ebuka was out of his mind already. I already knew he would have a heavy hangover the next day. We started playing spin the bottle and dared each other to do naughty and nasty stuff. I couldn't even clearly remember how many boys I kissed that night. It was Ebuka's turn to spin the bottle. It landed on me. Everyone agreed to 7 minutes in heaven. We were all out of our minds to comprehend what was happening. 

We did it. We had sex. Nobody was supervising; nobody was checking the time anymore. It was way more than 7 minutes. I slept with my twin brother. I wish I didn't remember like my brother. He was too drunk that day that he didn't remember a thing afterward. I remembered, and I was ready to live with the shame of it for the rest of my life. I probably would have if not for this stupid pregnancy. I know it was his. I hadn't met with papa in weeks before that; that's why he is always so angry with me now. And Kunle and I had been quarreling weeks before that because I was still angry at him for forcing himself on me last time. So it had to him, Ebuka, my twin brother. I am pregnant with my twin brother's child. 

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