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Adesewa : Power Of The Seven Witches (chapter Thirteen)

A Seventeen years old girl, with her witchcraft lifestyle...Ayomide was totally speechless for a while, staring at his mum and Adesewa with his mouth opened. He looked so scared, moving backward toward the door.

His heartbeat begins to elevate, sweating and shaking at the same time. Yetunde was still in her Witch costume when she appeared in her bedroom. She was trying to move closer to her son to calm him down, but Ayomide was moving backward as she was trying to come closer.

AYOMIDE: please, Mum, don't come closer.

YETUNDE: Calm down, just sit. You don't have to be scared.

AYOMIDE: You mean I should sit? Who are you, mum? *Adesewa faced Yetunde.*

ADESEWA: Why is he still awake by this time?

YETUNDE: What are you doing here?. ( Asking Adesewa)

ADESEWA: I'm here to see you.

AYOMIDE: At this time. Can one of you please explain how the two of you just appeared without passing the main entrance?

YETUNDE: Just sit down.

AYOMIDE: I am okay this way, mum; I am really okay.


AYOMIDE: What are you putting on, mum? You look like a witch, or are you really a witch? OMG, you are. Please convince me, tell me what I am thinking is not true.

ADESEWA: Yeah, we are witches. I always wish to tell you who I really am, but...

YETUNDE: I told her not to tell you.

AYOMIDE: OMG, I have been living and have feelings with/for a Witch, pure evil.

ADESEWA: Not all Witches are bad, Ayo; we are the good ones.

AYOMIDE: God, I need some air. *Ayomide walked out of his mum's bedroom, closing the door in an aggressive way.* (Adesewa tried to follow him, but Yetunde held her arm, stopping her from following him.)

YETUNDE: Let him go. Yetunde snapped her fingers, and they both landed in her secret room.

ADESEWA: Where are we?

YETUNDE: At my secret coven.

ADESEWA: Why am I here? I should be with Ayo right now; he needs me.

YETUNDE: No, he needs himself right now.

ADESEWA: Alright. Hmm, I can feel a lot of power in here.

(Yetunde smiled.)

YETUNDE: You should. This screen room belongs to my great-grandmother. I am so happy it is now mine, and it is going to be yours very soon.

ADESEWA: Wow, Thanks. So was the mission successful?

As Yetunde was narrating all that happened at the mission, Adesewa was not comfortable. She heard a lot of voices whispering into her ear; she stood up, thinking she could trace those voices. Yetunde was not aware that something was wrong with her; she was busy putting red palm oil on her alter, hoping Adesewa was listening. Adesewa found out that those voices were coming out from a big black pot. The pot was filled with water boiling itself without any fire underneath it.

ADESEWA: why is this pot creating strange voices?. *Yetunde looked back, walking towards Adesewa*.

YETUNDE: Strange voices.

ADESEWA: Yeah, a lot of voices are coming out from this pot. Can you hear anything?

YETUNDE: No, I can't.

ADESEWA: It's like the pot is calling after me. It's like, I think the pot is trying to talk to me.

YETUNDE: Wow, interesting.

ADESEWA: What does this pot do?

YETUNDE: Something very big. Have you ever heard about the story of the seven witches?

ADESEWA: Yes, my dad told me they came together to protect the yorùbás from the outsiders and from themselves.

YETUNDE: You are right. Did your dad ever tell you the main reason why they came together?

ADESEWA: I don't think so.

To be continued💕💕💕💕💕💕

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