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Adesewa : Power Of The Seven Witches (chapter Fourteen)

ADESEWA : Power of the seven Witches (CHAPTER FOURTEEN): A Seventeen years old girl, with her witchcraft lifestyle...

YETUNDE: Once upon a time, a powerful triplet was born. Some said they are gods, but we witches and wizards believe they are like us. They are so powerful that they decide who lives and dies. Some called them the kingmaker because they appointed almost all the kings in yorùbá lands of their own will. *Adesewa sat down quietly*. Kings in the yorùbá land fear them; they all live and the role the people on the triplet commands. Some said they do eat and gist with the devil itself, that they can summon the devil when needed. Wherever they go, destruction follows.

Almost all the kings in yorùbáland bow to them, except the OÒNI of llÈ IFÈ. The king was so scared when he received a message from the triplet telling him to bow or die. The three witches told him that his kingdom was there's that they are coming for him in less than thirty days. When he received that message, he lost his appetite for food for two days and thought all through the night.


YETUNDE: The OÒNI of llÈ IFÈ sent a message to other small kings in OSUN. He told them all what the triplet was planning. They were all scared, and some left the town that night. The villagers started noticing something was off; some of the elders in the town also started leaving, and some kings started stepping down. So the leader of youths in every town in OSUN came together to find an answer to why kings and elders were running to the northern region.

When OÒNI of llÈ IFÈ heard about the disappearance of his elders and some small kings in OSUN running away to the northern region, he felt bad the action they all took forced him to tell the people of IFÈ what was going on. He told them not to be afraid that he had everything under control, but truly he was giving them false hope. A message was sent to OÒNI of llÈ IFÈ telling him that the triplet had defeated ALAAFIN of OYO and that he his the next. When all the BALOGUN's in the very town in OSUN heard the massage, they all knew that the triplet was going to kill them all first before anybody. So they all agreed to go to OYO, to pledge their allegiance to the triplet before they leave OYO to IFÈ.

When OÒNI of llÈ IFÈ had about what all the BALOGUN'S did, he knew he was totally doomed. He cried out so badly because he itself couldn't stand them. Then he said - if ALAAFIN of OYO was easily defeated, who am I to stand against them. So he wants the Oracle to ask if there is any way to stop the triplet from killing him, then the Oracle tells him that the only way is to bow. Know one ever fought the triplet and won or went scot-free; they all end up dying. When the Witches in IFÈ heard they were coming, they all agreed to stay and fight. One of the triplets fell in love and got pregnant; the other two sisters were very angry with her. She overheard them planning to kill her after taking over the kingdom of IFÈ. She felt so worried, deciding to play along with them. *Adesewa interrupted Yetunde*.

ADESEWA: How does this story have to do with this pot and the Seven Witches?

YETUNDE: I am not done. (Yetunde continued.)

The OÒNI of llÈ IFÈ at that present time had Six male children and Ten daughters. History told us that seven of his daughters are also part of the witches in IFÈ. Some said that his eight daughters were the ones who begged the leader of the Witches in IFÈ then to fight together with their father. The triplet found out what the Witches in IFÈ were about to do. They were surprised. They sent a message to the Witches in IFÈ telling them that they would be at IFÈ by 2 am the following day because of their stupidity. When the OÒNI heard that message, he was scared and the same time, angry. He summoned the leader of the Witches in IFÈ, asking her what she had done. Initially, the triplet supposes to arrive at IFÈ in six days' time, but because of what they heard about the Witches in IFÈ, they changed their mind. 

ADESEWA: Hmm. The Witches in IFÈ started their meeting at 12 am-noon, which has never happened in the history of witches and is also not appropriate. They started chanting a lot of incantations and also summoning a lot of spirit in their means. Suddenly one of the triplets who was pregnant appeared in their means. She wasn't there to fight them but to tell them how they could defeat her two sisters.

They didn't trust her until she explained what her two sisters were planning to do to her. She told them that no one on earth presently could defeat them, so the leader of the Witches in IFÈ asked her - So how can you help us? She smiled and said she needed seven witches to volunteer for what she was about to do. They were all scared; the coven was silent at that moment. Suddenly seven daughters of OÒNI of llÈ IFÈ came out at the same time. She asked their leader to summon every dead witch's spirit, both young and old ones, to the coven. History told us that the total number of dead Witches that appeared at the coven that day was seven thousand. Each daughter was possessed by one thousand each, giving them the ability to act on the power and strength of each witch in them; they were Ten times more powerful than the triple. When everything was done, she returned to her sister, pretending nothing had happened.

When it was 2 am, the triplet teleported into the Witches coven. They were surprised to see just seven witches; they laughed loudly, telling them they were going to eat their kidneys as breakfast. When triplets move closer to them, they notice that the power in them is greater than the one in them. They tried to run, but it was not possible. We were told that the OÒNI of llÈ IFÈ daughters defeated them, spearing the pregnant one only. So when all the daughters dead, their power was kept inside this pot.

ADESEWA: So this pot contains the power of the seven Witches?

YETUNDE: yes, but remember each witch as the power of a thousand Witches in them.

ADESEWA: Wow. The triplet is unstoppable if one of them doesn't help the Witches of IFÈ.

YETUNDE: You are right. If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can not do us any harm.

ADESEWA: Hmm. How do you know every detail of this story? And if the power of the seven witches is kept inside this pot, where is the power of the three witches?

YETUNDE: I know everything because the pregnant one was my great-grandmother, the owner of this coven.

To be continued.

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