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Adesewa : Power Of The Seven Witches (chapter Seventeen B)

ADESEWA : power of the seven Witches (CHAPTER SEVENTEEN B): A Seventeen years old girl, with her witchcraft lifestyle...

FUNKE: Ayo - mi, how are you doing?

AYOMIDE: I am fine, ma; it's been a while, aunty.

FUNKE: Yes, oo, how are your studies going?

AYOMIDE: I thank God. *Yetunde walked out from Ayo's room, so Surprise to see both her junior sister and Simi together*.

YETUNDE: Are you both heading back from somewhere? *Ayomide went straight to his room*

FUNKE: Nope, I was surprised seeing her at your doorstep. 

YETUNDE: Sit down. So Simi, what's up?

SIMI: My daughter told me about what happened.

FUNKE: What happened?

YETUNDE : Ayo found out.

FUNKE: Ha, Ogun oo.

SIMI: So I am here to talk to him.

FUNKE: This is not a big problem. If he can't accept who you are, we will do what our mum did to our junior brother when he found out about us then.


SIMI: OMG, so the present state of your brother was caused by your mother.

YETUNDE: Are you listening to yourself, Funke?

SIMI: Do you even have single humanity in you? Her only son.

YETUNDE: So you will be comfortable seeing my son mentally disorder, right? *Simi stood up from where she was sitting, walking towards Ayo's room*.

FUNKE: Where are you going?

SIMI: To talk to him.

YETUNDE: Simi! *Simi stopped walking, looking back to hear what Yetunde is about to say*.


YETUNDE: Wow, Simi, who gave you the right to talk to my sister that way. Cool, you are even insulting her in my presence. I seriously love your courage and your peace of mind that nothing can ever hurt you. If it is that little charm in your wardrobe that is giving you this much boldness, seriously, it will disappoint you one day, believe me. Or have you forgotten that I am the source of any charm given to you by your husband? *Funke laughed loudly*. *Simi walked back towards Yetunde with a serious face*.

SIMI: Hmm, interesting narrative essay. Seriously you don't know what I'm capable of doing until you step on my toes. And am begging, you should. Ask your sister what I told her before the both of us entered. *Yetunde laughed*.

YETUNDE: Funke, what did she tell you?

FUNKE: Are you listening to her? She said I wouldn't see her coming.

SIMI: Yeah, Yetunde, you won't see me at all, I promise you. *Simi moved away from Yetunde, walking towards Funke*.

SIMI: And has for you Funke, don't think I forgot what you did at my wedding party eighteen years ago. I am still coming for you; the incident still looks fresh to me.

FUNKE: Hmm, you just keep surprising me. 

SIMI: Oh, are you surprised how I found out you turned almost all the foods that are supposed to be served to the people I invited to my wedding into maggots. I know your signature; I know the way you do things.

FUNKE: Wow, you should be thanking God that it was not all that was turned into maggots.

SIMI: I don't know why you hate me so much. But I thank God that you are back in town, for now, I really do.


SIMI: You Don't deserve that boy, Yetunde. *Yetunde looked at Simi*

SIMI: Yes, Ayo, you don't deserve to be his mother.

FUNKE: husband snatcher. *Simi went straight to Ayo's room, sobbing Funke's words*.

FUNKE: I don't know why you still keeping this woman alive?

YETUNDE: I keep asking myself the same question whenever I see her.

FUNKE: But don't worry, we will both watch her cry very soon.

YETUNDE: What are you planning?

FUNKE: we are going to watch her cry over her daughter.

YETUNDE: What do you mean?

FUNKE: My seven elders have concluded killing Adesewa after she has the power of the Seven Witches in her.

YETUNDE: Have you for once thought in your life? Are you listening to yourself?

FUNKE: Oh, the Incantation you gave to unlock the power in the pot didn't work. And I am pretty sure you knew it won't.

The only thing that can unlock that pot is the power of the seven Witches. Believe me, if Adesewa has the power in her, she won't want to unlock the power of the triplet for me. So we won't bother asking her; we will kill her and collect the power from her.

YETUNDE: I won't allow you to do that. I am like her second mother.

FUNKE: Believe me, she doesn't want a second mother because she already has one, which is Simi.

Sister Yetunde, Simi married your husband to be Eighteen years ago. Use this as revenge upon her. Make her know how powerful you are.

YETUNDE: Funke, for Simi to look into my eyes and tell me I won't see her coming, it means she is seeing what the both of us are not. We shouldn't underestimate this woman.

FUNKE: Are you scared of her?

YETUNDE: Nope, I'm not. But I am advising you to keep your two eyes open because you might not see her coming for real, believe me.

To be continued💕💕💕💕

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